Chinese Spies Caught Red-Handed, but Biden Regime Won’t Prosecute Them

China has legions of foreign spies who work to worm their way into foreign governments around the world. One of their primary targets is the United States. President Trump and his administration worked hard to stop these communist cretins.

Trump did this by putting a number of visa restrictions and sanctions to stop spies from pouring in at the levels they’d been here under Obama. Trump hit specific China Communist Party members with penalties and banned them from entering our country. 

Yet, now is a much different story; the Biden regime won’t even prosecute two Chinese spies who were caught red-handed!

How Bad is the China Spy Problem in America?

Before getting into this case, it’s worth noting just how bad the Chinese spy problem is in America. First of all, Chinese spies and researchers and all over American universities and corporations. They have major grants and steal intellectual property like crazy. 

They’re also embedded into multiple levels of the government and have infiltrated cyber networks; this could be seen with the massive Office of Personnel Management cyberattack in 2015 under Obama.

How many of our senior politicians themselves have literally been turned or blackmailed by Chinese spies? It’s hard to know. Definitely some. Senator Dianne Feinstein had a chauffeur who was a Chinese spy for years overhearing her without her even realizing!

Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell who serves on the House Intelligence Committee hearing sensitive, classified info, had a multi-year sexual relationship with a Chinese spy called Fang Fang and was never even taken off the committee. 

Chinese spies are definitely in the CIA, definitely in our media, and definitely in our military; this can be seen with these five latest cases that the Biden regime is refusing to go after. 

What Happened?

A number of things happened. FBI chief Christopher Wray says a new case of suspected spying is being opened every ten hours. There were numerous cases underway against suspected spies that are now being dropped, including against five Chinese researchers who stole medical secrets from the University of Texas at Houston. 

These individuals were hiding that they were affiliated with the Chinese Military. The Department of Justice said that the accused spy wasn’t told the right info by lawyers and legal technicalities. 

Basically, Biden’s regime tied themselves in pretzels and let spies get away in order to give a free pass to one of the evilest governments on earth. Now they’re home free. Surprise!

Welcome to Biden’s America

President Trump did his best to crack down on China’s evil, as I said. In Biden’s America, these spies and foreign enemies get a free pass. It’s a shameful day, and it comes only days before the second-in-command at the State Department, Wendy Sherman, meets with Chinese top officials in China. 

Basically, Biden let spies go to get some points for his upcoming meeting. It’s sick, and America can’t keep having a POTUS who puts this country last, ahead of his own twisted agenda.