China’s Horrifying True Impact on Climate Change Exposed

CN130S06 World Bank by World Bank Photo Collection is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

We hear a lot about climate change in the liberal media, from leftist politicians and from celebrities and famous people. 

Climate change is the end of the world. We’re all going to die. Nothing can save us except eating soy and driving electric cars. 

Or something. 

The thing is you don’t hear this in Asia, in Africa or in South America. 

You hear it in Western Europe and North America from privileged liberals trying to guilt and shame people around them into stopping eating meat or having kids. 

What you rarely hear about is just how much climate change is a problem in places like India, China, Africa and more. 

But a new report is exposing just how much China is flooding the world with greenhouse gas emissions. Will the environmentalists finally wake up or has climate change just been an excuse to blame America for one more thing all along?

University students come and go in the dense air pollution by vtpoly is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

China Pumped Out 27% of World Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 2020

The new statistics show that China cranked out more than 27% of the world’s greenhouse gas in 2020, way, way ahead of the United States which only contributed 11%. 

India, meanwhile, came at 6.6%, which is still a massive number considering their backwards country is only partly industrialized and is getting worse pollution by the month as they begin ramping up industrial production. 

China’s already been surging ahead of the global pollution disaster for years, having more emissions than all other developed nations combined by 2019. Now we’re seeing the 2020 numbers and they’re horrifying. 

Something needs to be done about China. Perhaps environmentalists will start protesting outside Chinese embassies in the US, Canada and Europe? Or what about boycotting Chinese products? Holding China responsible for COVID, or the Uyghur Genocide. Anyone?

Here are the facts: 

The four worst greenhouse gas emitters in 2020 are China at 27%, the US at 11%, India at 6.6% and the EU at 6.4%. China is flooding our atmosphere with more harmful emissions than the US and EU put together, but you rarely hear about them from leftist wingnuts, except to praise Mao or make excuses. 

But there are no excuses. 

Thankfully some people are coming around, including UN poster child Greta Thunberg. She’s been heavily criticized by conservatives before and her parents have been as well for using her as a political prop.

Still, Thunberg deserves credit here for calling out the creepy actions of China, even if she does make some excuse for them by mentioning that they’re a “developing nation.”

Punishing Ourselves for China’s Crimes

There’s a pattern I’m noticing across the board the last few years. Here in America our elites are trying to get us to punish ourselves for China’s crimes. 

COVID from China? Better mask up and stay inside and stop seeing your loved ones for years. 

Pollution from China? Better stop eating meat and having kids and driving. 

Why are we being blamed and held responsible for the crimes of China? It’s their damn fault, not ours. 

As President Trump said, why should we tie one hand behind our backs and cripple our economy just to allow places like China to surge ahead and dominate us? China and India have billions of people who want cheap energy and as they rise out of poverty these countries are going to flood the world with even more awful pollution. 

No Paris Accord or nice UN bowtie agreement is going to hold China or India in. If we can help develop sustainable energy that they could use instead, we can own the future. But at this point the leftist hysteria over climate change is just a way to weaken America.