China Starts Doing Anal Swabs to Test for COVID

Communist China is a perfect example of a modern dystopia.

A country that calls America racist and evil while it’s more racist and evil than almost any other place on earth and is currently conducting a genocide.

A country that claims its system is for the “liberation” of workers while it uses slave labor to pump out products for woke progressive American corporations.

A country that tells the World Health Organization what to do while spreading COVID-19 worldwide and mostly dodging blame.

Now Beijing is rubbing in the humiliation by making people take it up their butt. Literally.

Bend Over and Take It

China is currently rolling out anal swab tests in the country and its doctors claim the results from people’s rears are more accurate than nasal swab tests. Supposedly the anal region retains traces of the virus longer, whereas the throat and nose doesn’t always have the virus for as long as thus could say you’re in the clear when you actually have the disease as an asymptomatic spreader.

The anal swab method is reportedly going to be used at specific detention centers in China due to the greater difficulty in administering it. No word on whether it will be combined with China’s torture and humiliation of religious and political minorities, who have previously reported being violated and raped with sticks and other implements in prison by authorities.

Since COVID is mainly an airborne disease it is logical to test for it in the throat and nose, but I’m sure CDC doctors and Fauci will be looking into the anal aspects of the case.

Doctors by toehk is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Butting In

Not everyone in China agrees that anal tests are more effective. An unnamed biologist from Wuhan University recently commented in an interview that it’s an illogical testing method.

“There have been cases concerning the coronavirus testing positive in a patient’s excrement, but no evidence has suggested it had been transmitted through one’s digestive system,” he said.

Others have reported being very disturbed when they were told they had to get butt tests, with one woman online talking about a “mental breakdown” after returning from abroad and being put into quarantine for a month and being told she would have to get an anal test.

According to another individual who got the anal test the worst part isn’t the pain, it’s the psychological humiliation.

“When you bend over with your pants off, and medical staff poke your anus repeatedly, all you can feel is a sense of shame, but other than that, it was not that uncomfortable,” he said.

What’s Next?

At this point after letting a deadly virus leak from their virology lab and killing over 2.2 million people, China has done more than enough. Instead of facing consequences, they have quickly picked their economy back up and are ready to boom in 2021, even threatening the US over Taiwan and becoming more and more belligerent.

These anal tests are just the latest in China’s ongoing actions that humiliate and denigrate people.

When President Trump was in office, Americans could at least count on someone who saw through China’s fake smiles, but now that the Biden crime family is in power there’s little chance of China really facing the music for all the damage that it’s done.

Need evidence? Take Biden’s reentry into the WHO – which takes its marching orders from China and makes excuses for the disease-spreading communist police state. Why would you rejoin a corrupt and completely failed organization who lied to the world and let an awful virus spread across borders?

Are you going to bend over and take it?

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