China Rules Homosexuality is a Mental Disorder

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Homosexuality is a mental illness.

That’s not me saying that, it’s a Chinese court in a landmark ruling delivered recently.

The decision came after a social worker in Hong Kong tried to have the language of a mainstream medical textbook changed which defines homosexuality and the LGBT lifestyle as a psychological disorder.

It came out of her anger at the textbook which she’d studied as part of her degree previously in another part of China.

Her case failed and the court upheld the textbook, noting that homosexuality is indeed a mental illness.

China is a totalitarian communist police state which has been committing genocide against its Uighur population and which also unleashed the horrors of COVID-19 on the world without facing any real punishment.

While large corporations like Disney and sports leagues like the NBA were busy saying Black Lives Matter, they never seemed to have much problem with China beating down democracy protesters in Hong Kong or anything else it was doing.

But now that Beijing has crossed the gays will Disney and the big woke corporations rise up in outrage?

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Details of the Chinese Court Decision

According to the court, homosexuality is a disorder and this is a valid academic point of view. China’s LGBT community was upset at the decision, including the 24-year-old woman Xixi who filed the complaint about the textbook she found offensive which called being gay a “psychosexual disorder.”

The textbook went on to specify that homosexuality is “a disruption of love and sex or perversion of the sex partner.”

According to the Chinese court that is a valid point of view and should not be removed from the textbooks.

The decision was made by the Suqian Intermediate People‚Äôs Court in the eastern province of Jiangsu, and Xixi said it was “random and baseless.”

While studying in Guangzhou, Xixi said she stumbled across the wods which offended her and she and her friends started staging protests in front of the office of the publisher.

Xixi says she and her friends were especially upset that statements like those in the medical textbook would help keep the belief that being gay is bad or wrong, which is a very common belief in China (and most countries around the world apart from Europe, Australia and North America).

This eventually led down the road to the court case which ended in defeat as mentioned.

China is Not a Fan of the Gays

The thing about China is that it may be communist, but it’s not college campus pink-haired social justice intersectional communist.

Like the Soviet Union and most socialist and communist countries in actual history, China regards things like the LGBT lifestyle and pop culture as imperial Western intrusions designed to break morale, spread confusion and prop up bourgeois lifestyles that are harmful to workers and the state ideology.

Xixi now works as a social worker in Hong Kong and filed an appeal against the court, but it was struck down. The textbook will stand.

China has a growing LGBT community and decriminalized homosexual activity in 1997. For its part the World Health Organization only removed being gay as a mental illness in 1990, so it’s also important to remember that no matter where you stand on the issues of LGBT identity it has been widely viewed as a mental disturbance of some kind up until extremely recently in human history.

But as the woke community pretends that the leading edge of progressive cultural norms are now normal and tries to force everyone to accept them, it’s worth asking what they’re going to do about China.

They didn’t care about China’s concentration camps.

Or it’s beatdown of democracy protesters.

Or it’s bullying and military aggression on Taiwan.

Or it’s lies and spreading of COVID-19 worldwide.

Will China’s anti-gay attitudes be enough to get LeBron James and the NBA boycotting and all the woke corporations crying into their cereal on TV?

Anything is possible, but don’t count on it.