China and Russia Getting Even Closer Together in Dangerous Alliance

While former President Trump was in office, we heard nothing but criticism from the left. They claimed his foreign policy would start a world war and empower rogue states like North Korea and Russia.

Instead, Trump managed to avoid conflict and keep Russia and China at arm’s length. However, under the Biden regime, that’s all changing. China and Russia’s military cooperation is reaching new levels, alarming top US allies.

America’s Allies Alarmed at Russia-China Alliance

One of America’s top allies in Asia is Japan, whose foreign minister Yoshimasa Hayashi recently warned Russia and China are getting far too close.

Taiwan and South Korea are also feeling the heat from China’s rise, but there’s no doubt that Hayashi has a point here. According to Hayashi, the “international order” is being threatened by the rise of China.

This idea of an “international order” is very suspect to start with. It is a fiction of globalist ideology, which is part of what’s allowed nations like China to rise to such dominance and creeping influence.

Russia is one of the countries that has fallen under China’s influence. China made it clear that it blames the US for the war in Ukraine.

According to China, American support for the eastward expansion of NATO backed Russia in a corner regarding Ukraine.

Taiwan and Ukraine

Hayashi’s point was the increasing threat against Japan and Taiwan from China is something the West should care about more.

There’s no doubt that China wants control of the South China Sea and Taiwan, as it is their official stated policy that this land belongs to them.

At the same time, getting more involved in fighting proxy wars against China around the world is certainly not in the best interests of the United States.

We need to strengthen ourselves at home, not play politics in the “international order.” China’s threat will best be prevented by stopping overexposing ourselves and getting too involved in every conflict.