China Accuses US of Developing COVID at Bio Warfare Lab

Fort Detrick Visit by MDGovpics is licensed under CC BY 2.0

For over a year, we’ve had to hear how anyone who questioned the origin of COVID was a nut-job MAGA conspiracy theorist. 

Now, it turns out there is evidence that COVID might have been man-made and come from a Chinese lab. 

Even the sainted Dr. Tony Fauci has admitted it, causing progressives to start shutting their loud mouths for once. 

As the US starts to actually ask China for answers, the communist police state is lumbering out of its disease-infested, disgusting lair and beginning to go bonkers. 

It turns out that evil communists don’t like it when you start to point the finger at them for killing millions of people. In fact, China is now saying they’re tired of American propaganda; they also claim that the real investigation that needs to happen is of American bio labs and military facilities such as the bio weapons facilities at Fort Detrick. 

Wuhan Institute of Virology main entrance.jpg by Ureem2805 is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

China: The US ‘Does Not Care About Facts and Truth’

China’s foreign affairs representative is a weaselly little man called Zhao Lijian. This communist mouthpiece sycophant recently mouthed off at a press conference saying that the US “does not care about facts and truth” and doesn’t actually care about finding out how COVID started. 

According to Lijian, America is just playing a propaganda game of trying to blame China; he moreover says the actual suspicion should go to the US itself, including its bio weapons capabilities and research at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland. 

That location deserves extreme “suspicion” according to Lijian, who demanded that Washington allow international inspectors in to look around and find out the truth. Referencing the “more than 200 US biological laboratories” worldwide, Lijian asked “how many secrets are there?”

Fort Detrick does have bio warfare research, mainly regarding America’s ability to defend itself against biological weapons and bio hazard attacks. China likes to use it, and other locations, as excuses to put suspicion on the US. 

Lijian also slammed the US for being wrong in its accusations against Iraq in 2003; he said the America faked gas attacks in Syria to try to blame Bashar Assad and start a war with Syria. 

Bringing these issues up is a smart move by China. It’s true that Bush was wrong about WMDs and that American intelligence under Obama evidently tried to use a staged gas attack at Douma to launch a war with Syria (even though Syria’s regime did many actual gas attacks on its people and killed and tortured hundreds of thousands and deserved to be overthrown).

However, the point is: China knows how to play the propaganda game and it’s determined to evade responsibility for its role in starting COVID. 

Is Biden Serious About COVID Truth?

Recently Biden said US investigators should try even harder to get to the truth of the pandemic; he has also admitted that some in the intelligence community believe the virus could be from a lab. 

Despite his family ties to China, Biden has taken a few steps that are positive, including sending US naval forces in to get in China’s face in the South China Sea. 

Lijian has previously accused the American military of intentionally bringing it to China via the World Military Games held in Wuhan in October, 2019. He also it might be “the US army who brought the [COVID] epidemic to Wuhan.”

Or it might be that China unleashing the Kung Flu on the world..and we all deserve to know the exact, proven, full truth.