Chicago’s Leftist Mayor Says Racism is a ‘Public Health Threat’

Lori Lightfoot by Prachatai is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is a racist and a fool. 

She previously made headlines for saying she’d only give interviews to non-white journalists. Now, she’s creating waves again with her idiotic declaration that “systemic racism” is a public health emergency. 

Saying that racism is “literally” killing people, Lightfoot made the claim on Thursday, declaring racism to be a pubic health emergency and noting that non-Black Chicago residents live an average of nine years longer than Black Chicago residents as proof. 

Except it’s not proof of that at all. 

Northside Protest for Black Lives, June 2nd, 2020, at Wrigley Field, Chicago ‘End Racism’ Marquee by Joshua Mellin is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Racism Isn’t Killing Chicago’s Black Community

Lightfoot says that racism took a “devastating toll” on Chicago’s black residents for the city’s whole history, and she’s right. There’s no doubt that racism in the past was a big issue. 

Yet to bring that up in order to claim victim status and basically blame white people for the problems of the Black community is ignorant, racist and likely intentionally manipulative. It’s actually a horrible political smear using racism as a divisionary tactic…

Should we really be surprised though? After all, she is a Democrat. 

Racism is not killing Chicago’s black community; black violent criminals and drug dealers are killing Chicago’s black community. 

Come on, people. At a certain point, the lies just plain need to stop. It’s not fair to the black folks who are the victims of these violent criminals; it’s also not fair to the rest of Chicago’s residents who have to live in a city where they can never be fully sure if they’re safe. 

Lightfoot is a horrible, horrible person. Her announcement of this “emergency” also comes with $10 million from Chicago’s public health department going towards “Healthy Chicago Equity Zones.” These zones basically will provide health services and options for city residents. 

That’s good, but Lightfoot’s lies and hate are not good. 

Lightfoot is a Nightmare Boss From Hell

Speaking of Lightfoot more broadly, she’s a deeply unpleasant woman who’s had a lot of turmoil at city hall. 

Her claims to speak on behalf of all black people are despicable. She has no right or ability to do so: she’s just a twisted, power-seeking shrew who wants to drag us all down to her level. 

There’s a reason nobody wants to work for Lightfoot: she’s an unstable nightmare of a boss.

Need proof? Check out the document above obtained via Freedom of Information. This shows her going on a psychotic rant via email for small errors at the office. 

As you can see, Lightfoot is not someone who should be running a city. She wouldn’t even be able to manage a household or family with that kind of toxic behavior and short patience. 

It’s time to vote Democrats like her out of office the next chance we get and make sure they never come back again.