Chicago Cops Give Leftist Mayor Lori Lightfoot What She Deserves

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is a racist Democrat shrew. She is also a terrible human being, a disastrous leader and a dishonest, manipulative and cruel person. Lightfoot made waves in the past for saying she won’t give interviews to any white journalists.

Her so-called leadership of Chicago has been defined by three things: making excuses for criminals, spreading hatred of the police, crushing the city’s economy with COVID restrictions and increasing racial division and tension in the Windy City. Every weekend, Chicago becomes a bloodbath of gang violence; illegal guns mow down rival members, innocent passersby, and police.

The latest weekend took the life of a young 29-year-old officer called Ella French who had just come back from maternity leave. The city’s heart is truly broken and Chicago cops have had enough of Lightfoot’s lies and excuses.

Chicago’s Heart is Broken

The shooting of French and her partner while on duty may be just another weekend of anti-police evil in Chicago, but it’s broken something in the city. It’s a line that’s been crossed and things will never be the same again.

The officers were targeted and French’s partner is currently in critical condition after being shot in the face. They were just doing a traffic stop when criminals decided to murder them.

There have been three arrests, but there can never be enough justice for the evil which unfolded last weekend in Chicago and the targeting of this young mother and her partner. There can also never be enough focus on the evil words of Lori Lightfoot and her guilt in spreading hate and lies about the police.

Chicago Police Turn Away from Lightfoot

Lightfoot has made a career out of demonizing the police. She has directly increased mistrust and dislike of the police in Chicago. She may not have fired the bullets that took down French and her partner, but she contributed to that climate of hate.

Police understand that fully. That’s why cops waiting outside the hospital room to hear about French and her partner after the incident turned their backs on Lightfoot when she arrived for a photo off.

Lightfoot tried to go up to the dad of French’s partner. He himself used to be a cop in the city, and he and other officers were not interested in her fake sympathy or leftist hate. So they turned their backs on her.

Their message was simple: go to hell. Lightfoot said that those who are talking about this incident of the police turning their back on her are engaging in “toxic rhetoric.” Does this horrible woman really want to talk about “toxic rhetoric?” Seriously?

Defund the Police?

After the tragedy, Lightfoot called it “very sad,” but she earlier wanted to cut $80 million from the budget of the Chicago police. When the public backlash came, Lightfoot walked back and said she doesn’t want to defund police.

It’s all talk. Lori Lightfoot is evil. Rest in peace, Ella French and God bless her orphaned child.