Chelsea Clinton Has Shocking New Accusation

Chelsea Clinton is the daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton. She grew up in a life of privilege in the White House and went on to marry rich and have two healthy kids.

She’s celebrated by our media and often invited onto shows and panels to discuss social issues and other topics. Clinton is a big supporter of childhood transgenderism, abortion, and other left-wing causes.

She was recently brought onto the show The View, where Clinton did exactly what you’d expect a privileged white liberal to do…

Clinton Calls Conservatives ‘White Supremacists’ and ‘Loco’

With the nodding heads of the rest of the racist View panel, Clinton got on her high horse to talk about her hate of the Republican Party. She said it is full of “white supremacists” and is insane.

Clinton was talking about this in the context of Joe Biden’s latest pick for the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), Ketanji Jackson.

Conservatives have been skeptical of Jackson because she’s soft on crime; what’s especially worrying is that she’s gone soft on pedophiles.

We’re not talking about a municipal judge who decides parking tickets here; we’re talking about the highest court in the land. Therefore, Republicans who are hesitating to approve Biden’s nomination of Jackson have a very good point.

However, according to Clinton, they’re just a bunch of “white supremacists.” In fact, the only one she thinks is sane is RINO Lindsey Graham, who pretended to be America First when he realized the country no longer supports his shade of neocon fake patriotism.

The View is Toxic Garbage

The View is toxic garbage.

Host Whoopi Goldberg even landed a suspension recently for downplaying the Holocaust in World War Two. This time around, they were arguing about how racist people are who they’ve never met.

Clinton, Sunny Hostin, and Ana Navarro don’t even know regular conservative Americans. They have no idea what their lives are like, nor do they care. They just want to take their love of country and accuse them of being racist.

It’s outrageous and false, but if there’s one thing the Democrat Party is good at doing, it’s repetition. They don’t come up with any new arguments or improvements, but they do complain and repeat the exact same false accusations over and over.

Eventually, they hope it will stick.

Each new person of color who votes GOP and runs for office is a thorn in the side of the Democrat Party and leftists.

Democrats hate it because they have the patronizing (and very racist) attitude that they “own” minorities and that minorities should think and do as they’re told.

The Bottom Line

Watch out for Chelsea Clinton.

With this level of stupidity, she’s only one step away from running for office in the future.