Charges Finally Coming For ‘Hanoi Jane’ Traitor Jane Fonda?

Jane Fonda is a washed-up American actress. She is most well known for staging a publicity stunt with the Vietcong during the Vietnam enemy.

Joking around with those killing young Americans in the jungle of Vietnam earned her the nickname “Hanoi Jane,” one she richly deserved and deserves.

Whereas Fonda didn’t just disappear after that stunt. She kept sticking around, appearing in films now and then and being warmly invited on far-left extremist media broadcasts.

The latest time was on the radical extremist show “The View,” where Fonda decided to call for the murder of people who are pro-life. Yes, seriously.

Fonda’s Message: Kill Pro-Lifers

While invited on “The View” on Friday, Fonda went on about how much she supports abortion like most of the others on the show, except for Meghan McCain.

When asked how those who support abortion could make their voice heard and push back against pro-life laws and individuals, Fonda had a simple and direct answer.

“Murder.” Yes, she actually said that.

The other “View” lackeys laughed and giggled over her saying something so crazy, but Fonda didn’t smile or laugh. She just later said it was a deliberate exaggeration to make her point about how serious the issue is.

Well, you can say you’re just making a point all you want, but in America, inciting murder on people isn’t free speech: it’s a crime.

Jane For Jail

Now, GOP Congresswoman Anna Luna is calling for criminal charges to be brought against Fonda.

As Luna said, Fonda has specifically “threatened public officials” with this statement and regardless of whether she now says it’s not serious, such “gross intimidation” needs to be legally punished.

Luna said she herself has received numerous death threats for calling for the prosecution of Fonda on Twitter.

This only proves her point that Fonda needs to be brought up on charges. Fonda has now been reported to the federal authorities and recommended for charges.

Of course, Fonda is now doubling down on how she was just engaging in “hyperbole.” She even claims that her “body language” should have made it obvious that she didn’t actually mean it about murdering people you disagree with.

Well, Jane, not all of us are mind readers, and not all of us were born yesterday.

The point is, we can all clearly see that you made a joke that wasn’t really a joke and now are trying to shirk away when you get called out on it.

This Is It

This is exactly what conservatives and patriots need: people and politicians like Anna Luna. We don’t need politicians who act all offended or say how awful the left is.

We need politicians who will actually turn the law against these domestic extremist nutjobs who are ruining our way of life. Let’s hope Jane ends up in jail.