CDC Director Orders Michigan to Lockdown as COVID Numbers Surge

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The CDC is currently led by Rochelle Walensky, a leading advocate of COVID vaccines and a strong proponent of lockdowns. 

She’s now up against Michigan’s Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer who is blaming the Biden White House for not getting enough vaccines to Michigan to stop a COVID surge that’s currently hitting the state. 

Clapping back at Whitmer in a White House press briefing, Walensky told her that vaccines don’t immediately start working and that COVID vaccines take two doses. 

For this reason, Walensky told Whitmer that she should shut down Michigan as soon as possible. 

Senator Gretchen Whitmer Speaks at Vote No on Proposal 5 News Conference at MML Office in Lansing by Michigan Municipal League (MML) is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Whitmer’s Actions on COVID

Despite causing protests after her early strong lockdowns and actions on COVID, Whitmer has since backed off a little. She told residents last week that she was requesting them to stay socially distanced and stay away from group activities, but emphasized that it wasn’t a law or an official order. 

Groups like Michigan’s High School Athletic Association got back to Whitmer on her request about cancelling sports and said no thanks, while others also expressed skepticism about how well lockdowns really work, including Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley who said the rise in cases did concern him but he didn’t see the need for a new lockdown.

“I think they would be less effective if you tried to use the same tools and tactics as you did once before. I think we’re so at a point where people are just going to ignore restrictions,” said Ingham County health officer Linda Vail. “And quite honestly, statewide restrictions are going to cause significant pushback.”

After all, if lockdowns are effective then why is COVID still surging after more than a year of strict lockdowns in many places?

What’s Next for Michigan?

Michigan hospitals are reportedly in pretty bad shape, with ERs overcrowded and doctors stressed out. Michigan is definitely the current hotspot of COVID other than areas of Texas and Minnesota. Michigan still has vaccines to use, and can do its best in responding to this current surge, but you have to wonder how exactly this disease works when states like Florida and others are seeing a decline but others like Michigan that had some of the strictest rules are surging. 

Despite a year of lockdowns, forced mask wearing and all sorts of punishing restrictions that hurt small businesses, Michigan leads the country in new cases and COVID hospitalizations.

So much for the official narrative that lockdowns work. 

But of course you can expect a loony tunes progressive like Walensky (who’s said that racism is a public health crisis) to endorse more of the same thing which has already failed in the past. The only language that the left understands is excuses to establish more power and control at every opportunity and use every crisis as a leverage point to seize more control. 

Michigan is certainly likely to head back to a lockdown scenario, although that’s far from guaranteed to work and we will have to see how the showdown between the Biden Administration and Whitmer plays out. Whitmer has already hinted that six more months of restrictions could be on the way, and there’s no reason to doubt her at her word, since she’s previously shown she’s more than willing to crack down on civil liberties and freedom.

Likely something will be worked out and smoothed over behind the scenes, and Michigan still has about 25% of its vaccines it’s received unused, but this still points to the deep incompetence of the current administration and its inability to get along with state governors during the COVID crisis.