Canadian Leader Justin Trudeau Gets Humiliated in Public

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been in hiding.

While the trucker freedom convoy occupied his capital city of Ottawa, he disappeared to an unknown location. This was supposedly done for his own safety.

Trudeau then said he had COVID and would be self-isolating. He gave several speeches, saying the truckers needed to stop their protests and people needed to get their COVID vaccines.

Protesters jeered and the world laughed at his blustering performance.¬†Now, Trudeau is back jabbering away in Canada’s parliament. However, his comeback is not going the way he had hoped.

Trudeau Gets Heckled

Speaking in Canada’s parliament (akin to the House of Representatives), Trudeau ended up getting booed and jeered in front of everyone. He’s apparently back from the Chinese COVID isolation period and ready to keep repeating his lies.

Yet, nobody’s buying it; conservatives yelled at him to answer their questions. He was eventually drowned out and sat down.¬†Canada’s lawmakers were meeting to talk about COVID restrictions and the trucker protests.

The downtown of Ottawa is still jammed with trucks; even though the city passed emergency laws to make honking illegal, Trudeau and his liberal friends are desperately looking for a safe space.

So, the parliament met to discuss what to do. That’s when Trudeau got up and said his usual meaningless blather of words and idealistic-sounding fascism.

Yet, he wasn’t able to finish and got drowned out by the conservatives and independents. They’re done with his nonsense and they’ve had enough.

Trudeau’s Obstinate Streak

Despite years of claiming he’s a big supporter of individual choice when it comes to abortions and what gender you identify as, Trudeau said he won’t cave to the truckers.

He said they are racist Nazis and white supremacists, even though the truckers are a highly diverse group of people from all backgrounds.

However, like our Democrats, Trudeau and his liberals are never ones to let facts get in the way of a good narrative. When he also gets to demonize his own working-class while he’s at it, Trudeau is enthusiastic.

Canada’s Conservatives, who now have a new interim leader called Candace Bergen, are asking Trudeau to reduce restrictions and not let his “ego” get in the way.

Trudeau ignored the question and said “we” must keep following “science” and saving lives.

Follow the Science?

Trudeau and his fellow cult members may have forgotten something, but science is a process, not a golden calf. You don’t just have it and then all discussion is over.

The vaccine has more horrific side effects proven every day, and the science behind lockdowns turns out to have been false.

What science, exactly, is he talking about here? Maybe he needs to wait for the latest update from Klaus Schwab to get back to us.