Canadian Finance Minister Exposed for Putting Out Pre-Recorded Christmas Messages Urging Lockdown While on Vacation in the Caribbean

From California’s Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom to Rhode Island’s Democratic Governor Gina Raimondo, progressive politicians can’t seem to stop violating their own lockdowns.

They send out somber social media messages and video recordings about taking one for the team and staying inside and then are busted doing the exact opposite.

The latest example is Ontario Canada’s Provincial Finance Minister Rod Phillips. The twist on this story is that the guy was too clever by half and got busted in the middle of an attempt to fool everyone and make them think he was still home.

He resigned several days into the heated, tropical conspiracy.

What Did Phillips Do?

Phillips, who served as Finance Minister for Canada’s eastern province of Ontario, posted pre-recorded videos in front of the fire next to his Christmas tree, relaxing and having some eggnog and urging people to stay indoors.

Meanwhile, as his videos were encouraging people to take it easy and not travel, Phillips was actually on vacation at St. Bart’s in the Caribbean, where he’s been since mid-December. Oops! It looks like the snow and cold can even get to Canadians.

Phillips is part of Canada’s bizarrely-named “Progressive Conservative” party has apologized after being busted saying it was a “mistake.”

Phillips’ Snowy Trail of Deception

In addition to his cozy Christmas video next to his tree urging Ontario residents to stay out of the snow and cold, Phillips posted multiple tweets indicating he was still back home, including one sent four days after he arrived in St. Bart’s where he’s eating maple syrup at home in Canada.

Margaritas, maple syrup: what difference, at this point, does it make? Right?

On Christmas Eve Phillips even sent out another tweet where he was meeting and greeting local businesses despite the snowy weather as well.

Beaches and sun, businesses and snow: same difference, no? You do have to give Phillips credit for finding any small businesses that are still open since the ongoing pandemic and imposed closures and shutdowns.

Still, Phillips’ boss wasn’t happy.

Ontario’s provincial leader Doug Ford – brother of famous late crack-smoking internet star Rob Ford – said he would have a “tough conversation” with Phillips, and apparently it must have been very tough indeed because Phillips stepped down from office after the heart-to-heart on Thursday.

Perhaps Phillips got his idea from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off where the high schooler records himself sleeping and pretends to still be home while out skipping school. In his video the sweater-wearing Phillips enjoys some eggnog and says he wants to “thank every one of you for what we are doing to protect our most vulnerable.”

Oh Canada by xeno_sapien is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Adios, Mr. Phillips

Opposition members (those even further left than the “Progressive Conservatives”) were demanding that Phillips step step down and were not amused by Phillips and his gingerbread house at home on the holidays while he was actually relaxing on the beach.

Phillips claims he really regrets going to St. Bart’s and called it a “dumb mistake.” Ontario put in a new lockdown on Dec. 26 and Ford has been clear that he blames people from out of province for bringing in COVID. Still, it’s since become clear that Ford did know that Phillips was in St. Bart’s and only acted upset about it once the media blew the lid on the fiasco.

Canada and its leader Justin Trudeau have asked Canadians not to travel in order not to spread or contract the disease.

While you have to give Phillips some credit for trying to get creative with his lies, he now becomes yet another politician who can hand out lockdown orders but can’t take them. Good riddance.

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