Canada’s Government Tries Extreme Tactic to Stop Massive Trucker Protest

Around 50,000 truckers in Canada have been joined by their American brothers and sisters to oppose COVID tyranny in the Great White North.

They reached Canada’s capital city of Ottawa on Saturday, where they honked, rallied, and listened to speeches against the Great Reset.

Meanwhile, Canadian globalist leader Justin Trudeau was driven away to a secret place once police said he was in danger. The hashtag #CowardoftheCottag began trending on Twitter to mock him for his fearful hiding.

Now, Canada’s government is moving into high gear to try to stop the revolt. Their laws look straight out of the Soviet Union and should chill any patriot, even south of the border.

Cracking Down on Canada

Nova Scotia is one of the provinces (states) in Canada. It’s located in the east, basically northeast of Maine. It has now passed a provincial law making it illegal to gather on the side of the road to support truckers.

According to the law, people gathering on overpasses and along roads puts them at risk and therefore has to stop.

Thousands of Canadians gathered to cheer on the truckers and wave flags as they made their way to Ottawa, shocking the world that Canada still has some patriots and resisters left.

Trudeau claimed only a “fringe minority” was actually taking part and the protests were a tiny and irrelevant event. Now, he’s hiding out somewhere and truckers have taken over his city.

Nova Scotia Goes Full Soviet

Nova Scotia’s leader is a leftist called Tim Houston. He recently said the ban on highway protests is justified and warned people to not even think about it.

The law is being passed under a state of emergency provision, which basically means your usual rights as a Canadian are cancelled.

If you protest on the highways or overpasses or try to interfere in any way with traffic, you will be fined $3,000 to $10,000 Canadian ($2,350 to $7,830 USD).

Nova Scotia is saying this is for people’s safety, but it’s obvious it’s in response to the trucker protests and their giant Freedom Convoy, which has so badly humiliated Justin Trudeau and his vaccine mandate Liberal Party.

The Freedom Convoy

The truckers’ Freedom Convoy wound its way from Canada’s West of Vancouver to the Capital of Ottawa, arriving on Saturday and protesting.

Even though almost 85% of truckers are vaccinated, they stood up for the rights of free people to choose what medicine they take.

The protest happened when Trudeau said you would have to show proof of vaccine for US-Canada cross-border trade. The truckers’ demands are clear: they want COVID restrictions lifted.

Some of their more vocal members also have another demand: they want Trudeau gone. At this point, with him hiding in some cottage in the woods, it looks like he already is…