Canada Takes One Step Closer to a Progressive Police State

If you want an image of a progressive America, you don’t need to look any further than Canada.

Our northern neighbor has taken the leftist Kool Aid, chugged it to the last drop, and the results are horrifying: lockdowns, job killing regulations, COVID obsession, extreme vaccine pressure, reckless drug legalization, extremist left-wing social positions, and massive illegal immigration. 

Now, Canada is taking the next step in its crusade against free speech with a bill that can fine you $16,000 for so-called “hate speech” online. 

Your second time around being “hateful” online? That’s $24,000, eh buddy?

Freedom of Speech? Not in Canada

One thing you need to keep in mind about the land of hockey (and passive aggressive “polite” people called Canada) is that it never fought for its freedom. 

When Americans were fighting against the corrupt British royalty for independence in 1776, Canada was still part of Britain and cozying up to the king like little weaklings. 

They never stood up to the corrupt royals; Canada just helped them try to walk all over America. 

As we all know, they failed. 

However, Canadians still kept their own little zone of conformity and weakness; here, they limit freedom of expression and decide what rights you have based on what the government thinks you should have. 

Leftist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a true nightmare who’s even worse than President Biden; this law comes as no surprise to any Canadian or person who’s been watching what’s going on in the country. 

What Makes Online Speech a Crime in Canada?

According to the leftist activist Attorney General of Canada David Lametti, online hate speech is anything that “threatens” the “wellbeing” of people who are “vulnerable.” 

What this means, obviously, is that if you say something online which goes against the specially favored “victim” groups (and minorities that liberals pretend to care about), then you will get thwacked with a huge fine. 

Hurting someone’s feelings in Canada – unless they’re white and conservative – can literally land you in jail. 

According to Trudeau this is being done because “online hate” so easily can become offline and real-world. 

To be honest, I do see his point but I want to point out two things here:

  1. He is clearly motivated by a power grab, not by actual concern to stop “hate.”
  2. Making speech illegal doesn’t stop hate and violence; it just drives hate and violence underground, making it even more unexpected and brutal when it pops up again.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we should be thanking our stars and garters for the last shreds of freedom we still have left here in America. 

With Independence Day around the corner, it’s time to cling on to the remaining freedom we still have and defend it with all our energy and patriotism. 

If we don’t, we could easily turn into the next Canada.