Can DeSantis Crush Trump?

On May 24, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced he’s running for president in 2024. The question everyone’s asking is whether DeSantis actually has a chance.

MAGA and Trump supporters say no and claim DeSantis is a globalist fake, but he already raised $8.2 million in the 24 hours after his announcement.

He’s also backed by over $200 million in a huge funding push. Is it all hype or could DeSantis truly defeat Trump?

Defeating the Donald

DeSantis has a major PAC backing him named Never Back Down. NBD has over $200 million banked up and plans to hire more than 2,600 organizers in the next several months.

That’s a lot of people out working to get the word out about DeSantis and sign people up. NDB also plans to move over $80 million that was in a state account for DeSantis’ outreach in Florida.

This is a huge money advantage for DeSantis; he’s already out getting endorsements and bringing on staff in 18 key early states.

It’s clear DeSantis planned this out well and Trump may face a bit more competition than he expected.

This is Big

The size of NBD and the DeSantis campaign is bigger than ever before. There are going to be organizers everywhere in the coming months. The fight between Trump and DeSantis is going to ramp up to very intense levels.

Jeff Roe is heading up NBD. He says that DeSantis will beat Trump by showing how he is more conservative on pro-family issues and protecting against the radical LGBT agenda.

DeSantis will also highlight standing up to woke capitalism, maintaining freedom during COVID, and standing up for law and order in Florida.

Trump pushed the COVID vaccine on the American people, doesn’t care about LGBT issues, was formerly pro-choice, and recently told people to stop boycotting Bud Light.

The Bottom Line

Trump is still way ahead of DeSantis in name recognition and popularity, but the idea that DeSantis has no chance is completely untrue. He definitely has a chance.