Can Democrats Still Keep The House?

The midterms are coming up in only a few months. Polling has been fairly consistent in showing a massive red wave and the Republicans seizing control.

Yet, new hope has emerged for the Democrat Party in the form of some pushback nationally against abortion limits and anger at Trump.

They are hoping they can exploit these angles to maximum effect and, at the very least, retain control of the House of Representatives.

Is it possible?

Get Out of My House!

The Democrats are hoping they can stanch potential losses in the House and even flip several Republican seats in their direction.

They want to get as many of their incumbent candidates in as possible, even in states that look questionable; it increasingly looks like they may have the resources and votes to do that.

Many Democrat strategies right now are running with the abortion issue and trying to present the Supreme Court’s overturning of the 1973 landmark abortion decision Roe v. Wade as a setback in “women’s rights.”

The decision returns abortion back to the state level for decision-making out of the simple observation that abortion is not a constitutionally protected right and is not mentioned in the US Constitution.

In other words, Justice Clarence Thomas and the rest of those on SCOTUS who voted to overturn Roe simply did their job. This is why they have been threatened with death by thousands of progressives and dozens of pregnancy resource centers have been firebombed.

The Democrats don’t care about inciting violence along with their media partners, however; as long as it wins them elections, they’re all for it.

The Mar-a-Lago Raid and Anti-Trump Fervor

The recent raid on Mar-a-Lago also brought former President Trump back into the spotlight and helped boost the donations pouring in from the suburbs and Democrat strongholds.

By pushing Trump back into the headlines using a politicized raid, the Biden police state hopes to convince people that Trump was somehow betraying the country or part of some grand plot to destroy America.

They didn’t succeed in pushing the false and treasonous Russia conspiracy. So, now they simply busted into his house under false pretexts and made it into a news story to scare voters into putting Democrat representatives back in their seats.

This is exactly the kind of behavior we should expect from the left; anyone who’s surprised about how far this has escalated hasn’t been paying attention.

Hate of Trump is basically the only thing the Democrats have left, with Biden even recently calling MAGA supporters “semi-fascist.”

The Bottom Line

The Democrats are still cruising for some big losses come November, but they’re picking up some steam.

Republicans need to boost any weak candidates and back the winning horses here. Just make sure they’re America First and then make sure they get to Congress by a big margin.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.