California Sends a Message to Red States They Don’t Like

Oregon Democrats recently pushed forward a law to give Medicaid to illegal aliens, just as I thought things couldn’t get any stupider or more anti-American.

I was wrong.

California is now taking a page from the Soviet Union; they’re preventing anyone who works for the state from visiting red states who pass laws they don’t like.


This progressive police state wants to make sure that nobody who is employed by the State of California (from a park ranger to a home inspector) has the right to enter one of the “bad” red states that aren’t sufficiently woke. 

The changes were recently announced by leftist California Attorney General Rob Bonta. 

What States are Banned?

California state employees are banned from going to Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Mississippi, West Virginia, Arkansas, Alabama, Idaho, Montana, Iowa, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Kansas, South Carolina, South Dakota, North Carolina.. 

They’re banned from going anywhere conservative, in other words. 

The only exception is an emergency or essential travel, which is basically the main reason that state employees would go to other states anyway for government business. 

In other words, this ban is mainly being done to virtue signal, which is what the left does best. 

Should we really be surprised? 

California Democrats have already been working at this for over five years now in order to send a message that they don’t like the laws passed in these states. They believe those laws don’t sufficiently respect LGBT people, so they want to boycott the states. 

Just an idea, but maybe the rest of us should boycott California?

Adios, California

According to Bonta, these travel bans are because of a “wave of bigotry” that’s sweeping the country and California wants to stand up to it. 

How brave of them. 

LGBT people have more rights than any time in history in any country in the world, but we’re in a “wave of bigotry?”

Did this guy write a novel about the time he stubbed his toe in second grade? What a victim mentality weakling idiot. 

The real reason for this drama is obvious: Democrat virtue signaling and a desire to politically bully and ostracize states who don’t pass the legislation that the federal and state Democrat parties find acceptable. 

They are progressive extremists of the worst kind, trying to force their vision on the rest of us. 

What Next?

It’s time for all patriots to leave California if possible.

Those who live in the conservative areas of the state should work in local politics to politically separate as much as possible from the reigning liberal orthodoxy.

They should also make efforts to get their voices heard in the media, in politics; they should make their voices heard in any way to ensure that the rest of the country sees California is not OK and that it’s government’s fascistic actions are not accepted by everyone.