California High School Teacher Pressures Students Who Like Trump to Commit Suicide

Every day, we hear news about how bad our schools are getting. Woke ideology has infected every corner of the public school system and many universities.

Radical left teachers and Marxist professors wormed their way into every square inch of our educational institutions. Their goal is simple: to brainwash future generations with their big government, leftist propaganda.

A perfect example is Kristin Usilton, a teacher who is employed by the school district in Paso Robles, California, about three hours northwest of Los Angeles.

This area of nice vineyards and scenery is also home to a lot of leftists. Therefore, Usilton decided to let her freak flag fly.

What Did Usilton Do?

Usilton teaches at elementary school, thereby shaping the young minds of our next generation. Her school district also includes a high school.

The high school has a conservative group that meets to be around like-minded people, but Usilton doesn’t like this.

When students from the high school club went around with a flag that said “F**k Biden,” it triggered this lily-livered leftist elementary teacher.

As such, she got herself on Instagram to whine about it, saying these students should take a dive off a “bridge.”

Usilton said these students waving the flag on Veterans’ Day was extremely “offensive” and she believes they are terrible people.

Her comments led to quite a strong reaction. After all, parents and students didn’t think it was very great for an elementary school teacher to tell students to commit suicide.

With youth suicide at all-time highs across America, it’s not exactly a great message to be sending to youth that their opinions mean they should kill themselves.

Usilton Walks Her Comments Back

Usilton responded to the controversy by saying she just meant the idea of jumping off a bridge as a metaphor.

She also says the scandal is made up. In fact, she even declared the hype over what she said is the real problem. Then, she claimed she’s sorry and won’t do it again.

In other words, like almost every leftist, she fake-apologized. She then gaslighted and blamed conservatives for her own hate-filled heart. It’s not our fault your heart and mind are full of blind prejudice and hate, honey.

School District Passes the Buck

The school district put out a statement, basically telling everyone to be nice. It seems pretty clear at this point nothing will actually happen in terms of consequences for Usilton.

The bottom line here is we can’t afford to have teachers like this in our schools, much less our elementary schools.

This isn’t about different opinions; it’s about keeping our schools free of extreme political views and focusing on learning. This teacher is the perfect example of the hypocrisy of the left.