California Graduates Face Massive New Obstacle

For many of us, the lockdowns and vaccine and mask requirements of the COVID pandemic are beginning to recede into the past.

Though many blue states are still clinging to very strict rules surrounding vaccines and COVID “safety.”

One of them is the Granada Hills Charter High School located in Granada Hills, California. This LA suburb charter school is having its graduation soon.

Though it has some disappointing news for unvaxxed students; they won’t be allowed to attend their own graduation ceremony.

What Happened?

One of the most important moments in academic life is the graduation ceremony.

This is when students feel recognized in front of their parents and colleagues. This coming Thursday, about 1,100 students will graduate from high school at Granada Hills Charter High School.

However, the school administration said 70 students will not have the right to participate in the graduation ceremony because they are not vaccinated with COVID vaccines.

Eight of these students aren’t vaccinated because they have special needs and the vaccines pose specific dangers to them.

The administration of the school doesn’t care. No vaccine, no graduation ceremony.

Controversy About COVID Vaccinations

The controversy revolves around the fact the Los Angeles Unified School District decided to extend the vaccination mandate until next year. The date set so far is July 1, 2023 when it will expire.

That’s why the Granada Hills Charter school is being very adamant about what the District decided. This generated outrage in some parents and students.

Tom Luna, the father of one of the students barred from attending the ceremony, said he was very disappointed with the school. After all, he always tried to give a good education to his son. He now regrets the school’s decision in doing this.

Also angry at the situation is Parisa Fishback, who is co-founder of the group Moms on the Ground and the mother of one of the students.

She said the school’s decision is totally unconstitutional; she, along with the other parents, will go after justice for their children.

Granada Hills Charter has defended itself by saying they are just doing what is right according to science.

In a statement, the school said such a decision is critical to the safety of its students and said it was concerned about the emergence of new cases of COVID-19. The school expressed about 99% of its students are up to date with vaccinations.

The Vaccine and Its Side Effects

Lately, there have been a lot of questions about the efficacy of the vaccine.

According to many studies, children and students, in particular, also had their mental health very negatively affected by pandemic shutdowns and school closures.

It is sad to see children are being punished and will not have the right to participate in the most special academic moment of their own graduation.

Unfortunately, they won’t even have a picture as a reminder of this unique moment in their lives.