California Governor Gavin Newsom Gets Ugly Reality Check

California Governor Gavin Newsom is a pretty slick guy. 

He likes to look good in public and when Newsom goes out to meet friends (like he did during the height of COVID after banning anyone else from doing so), he likes to have some fun.

Recently, however, Newsom got a harsh taste of the new California while on a photo op around the old downtown of Oakland.

He was there as part of an event to boost small business and was going to a pizza shop when something very unfortunate happened.

Newsom Gets Publicly Humiliated

First of all, let’s leave aside the irony of Newsom promoting small business when his own policies crushed half the businesses of his state.

In any case, here’s what happened: while walking through downtown Oakland, an “aggressive” individual came up to him (translation: homeless guy) and started trying to assault him, throwing a water bottle at the spiffy California Democrat. 

The 54-year-old man was arrested and booked for trying to assault a public official and resisting arrest.

Newsom displayed good humor about it saying everyone says hi in different ways; however, it was obviously pretty embarrassing to be walking through a city in your state and have one of its legions of homeless people come out of the shadows and start hollering at you. 

This is the new California. 

Welcome to the New California

The new California is a place where many places even stopped prosecuting crime. In San Francisco, police aren’t even allowed to respond to thefts under $950 in value.

It’s a state with homeless encampments all around LA and places like Oakland are full of drug addicts, mentally ill people and violent ex-cons. 

The man who tried to go after Newsom was very mentally disturbed, according to his sister, who said he’s done similar things many times in the past. 

Newsom came face to face with his own state’s reality and homelessness crisis. His recent declaration throwing $12 billion at solving homelessness is typical of the Democrat approach: when in doubt spend taxes on throwing money at problems instead of ever fixing their roots. 

Oakland alone saw a 47% rise in homelessness just in 2019. In the future, it’s likely to basically become a giant tent city. Maybe we should rename it ‘Newsomville’ like they named those tent cities Hooverville under President Hoover during the Great Depression.

This guy Newsom is a joke. He walks around after destroying the local economy for some photo ops and gets smacked with a bottle of water: sorry, but that’s just funny. 

Ever wonder what happens to small business owners crushed by his lockdowns who run out of benefit checks? What are the chances some of them end up homeless?

Never trust an arsonist when he says he’ll rebuild your home.