Bye, Bye Nina: Biden’s Ministry of Truth Goes Bust

Only a few weeks ago, we heard the Biden regime was planning to create a special disinformation board within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

It was to be headed by researcher and author Nina Jankowicz, who we were told would be an authority on deciding what was true or not.

Like something out of a bad dystopian movie, videos emerged of Jankowicz bizarrely joking online. This came as she was singing, as well as making far-left fanatical statements, about how anyone who wasn’t progressive was stupid and bad.

Now, patriots have received great news. Jankowicz resigned and the new Ministry of Truth is indefinitely paused. In other words, we won.

Why Did This Happen?

There are a number of reasons why this happened, starting with Jankowicz herself. She was the worst person ever to be a decider of what’s true.

Those who disagreed with Jankowicz heading up this department noted that she had even disputed whether Hunter Biden’s laptop was real and accused it of being a Russian disinformation operation. The laptop was real.

Critics also pointed to bizarre things like Jankowicz singing along to musical theater songs while informing people of the danger of disinformation.

Although the board has not been formally closed, it will be reviewed by members of a DHS advisory board that is expected to make recommendations in 75 days.

Jankowicz said the suspension of the Department of Homeland Security’s Governance Council causes uncertainty about what might happen.

Therefore, she thought it best to resign her position at DHS and said she would rather return to work in the public sphere.

Good luck with that…

Where We’re At Now

Jankowicz’s departure and the decision to undo the council were first reported by the Washington Post.

Her department would have looked at those spreading “misinformation” as a threat to the country. The new council was clearly marred from the get go by questions about its purpose and a clear bias against conservatives.

The council had been the subject of weeks of reaction from Republicans, libertarians, and even some liberals. They compared the scheme to the ‘Ministry of Truth’ in George Orwell’s classic novel, “1984.”

The Washington Post reported DHS decided to stop the council’s work on Monday, May 16. Jankowicz drafted a resignation letter on the morning of Tuesday, May 17.

The Biden administration quietly announced the creation of the council last month, saying it was to combat the spread of disinformation spread by agents from Russia, China, and Iran.

The Bottom Line

Amid the backlash, DHS insisted the council has no authority or operational capability and intended to preserve, rather than limit, freedom of expression.

However, Jankowicz’s idea of defending the First Amendment included allowing verified Twitter users to edit other users’ tweets if they found them wrong. This caused particular alarm amongst Americans.

This lady is a disgrace and it’s good she’s gone.