‘Build Back Better?’ May Jobs Report is Out and Nobody is Impressed

Build Back Better Press Conference on Economic Equity - Wilmington, DE - July 28, 2020 by Biden For President is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

President Biden came into office on many big promises.

He said he’d fix COVID; then, Biden piggybacked off Trump’s Operation Warp Speed program and did an even worse job than people expected. 

Biden said he’d fix racism; then, he went and pushed through a bunch of affirmative action, far-left legislation that has this country more divided than ever before. 

Most of all, Sleepy Joe said he would fix the economy that Democrats had helped crush with their harmful lockdowns. 

He was going to “Build Back Better” and get people back to work, earning money and achieving the American Dream. 


The latest jobs report is now out for last month. It’s nowhere near the dream numbers Biden and the left had hoped. Their economic recovery looks a lot like an economic tailspin. 

Burger King Now Hiring Sign by JeepersMedia is licensed under CC BY 2.0

May Jobs Report: Underwhelming, Full of Unemployment

The May jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics had some high hopes going in. Before it came out today, experts were estimating that the economy would show over 670,000 jobs added. 

Well, the numbers are out and the actual number is 559,000. It’s better than April’s numbers, which were abysmal, but it’s still no economic miracle comeback. Unemployment is now at 5.8 percent which is not bad, but certainly not good. 

Furthermore, this jobs report shows that a whopping 11 million-plus Americans are still drawing pandemic stimulus relief checks.

So while people sit home and watch Netflix on Sleepy Joe’s dime, China and other enemies are surging ahead with their economy. 

The simple truth is that we can’t afford the Democrats’ lies anymore. Also, the economic recovery we were promised was a sick pipe dream with no basis in reality.

If Biden really wanted an economic comeback, he should have dropped out of the race and handed the victory to Trump. Trump was already leading this country admirably through the horrible pandemic and taking us back onto the path to economic greatness. 

Yet, here we are: way fewer jobs created than everyone had hoped, millions of businesses looking for workers, and people preferring to sit around and get paid by the Democrat welfare machine rather than work. 

Things Need to Change

The economy wouldn’t even be in this slow crawl if we hadn’t been subjected to the horrible policies of the Democrats and blue state restrictions for over a year now.

This country has had one hand tied behind its back by these corrupt liberals now for months. Liberals were backed by propaganda from the media while normal people just tried to survive. 

The Democrats are succeeding in their mission to get people hooked and dependent on government; this is partly because nobody knows when they’re going to pull the rug out from everyone again with some sort of new lie. 

Things need to change. We need a real president again.