Brooklyn Attack Suspect Appears to be Another Deranged Left Wing Radical

On Tuesday, April 12, a devastating attack rocked the subway in Brooklyn, New York. Passengers bled out on the platforms as others were shot down and rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds.

Smoke filled the air. Videos from the scene show chaos and panic as innocent people attempted to respond to the bizarre and savage attack.

Police said the suspect was still being hunted down, and as of today, that is still true. The difference is we now know who the police are seeking as a “person of interest” in the savage attack.

He’s been named by police as a middle-aged black man called Frank James.

Who is Frank James?

There were over 29 people injured in the attack. Fortunately, no fatalities have been reported at this time. Police say James is the primary person of interest in the attack.

They say he a rented van and then used a smoke bomb device in a subway car before starting to shoot people down.

An investigation of James’ social media and online presence shows a deranged far-left radical who hated white people.

This is similar to the sick terrorist Darrell E. Brooks murdered six and injured 62 when he plowed through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin to act out his racist fantasies.

James’ social media, including his YouTube channel “prophetoftruth88,” shows him ranting about black power, posting videos praising the Nation of Islam (a black supremacist organization headed by an anti-Jewish psychopath called Louis Farrakhan), and posting materials praising BLM.

This guy, like the Waukesha terrorist and the Louisville BLM shooter who tried to kill Craig Greenberg, was a deranged, racist terrorist. He was inspired by the radicalism of this nation’s far left and its media allies.

Suspect Begs for ‘Black Jesus’ to ‘Kill All the Whiteys’

In other posts, James begs for “black Jesus” to come and “kill all the whiteys,” saying black and white people are another species. James also said blacks are so superior they shouldn’t even have to live on the same planet as white trash.

James also went on extended rants about his disgust with New York’s black mayor, Eric Adams, for being tough on gun crime and homeless people, claiming it’s a conspiracy against black New Yorkers.

In another post, he ranted about newly-confirmed Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Jackson, saying as a black woman, it disgusts him that she would marry a white man.

The dislike of black women being attracted to or pursuing relationships with white men is a common theme in black supremacist circles.

In these circles, black racial “purity” is highly valued and teachers like Farrakhan indoctrinate believers to think blacks are spiritually and genetically superior to non-blacks.

James appears to hold all these views, believing African Americans are a race of “kings” who have been unfairly persecuted and now need to seek violent revenge.

The Bottom Line

The far left is out of control in this nation, cheered on by liberal white psychopaths who don’t care if innocent people get killed. The hate needs to stop now.