Britney Spears Comes Out with Shocking New Accusation

For over 13 years, pop star Britney Spears was under conservatorship. This is when a court puts a guardian in charge of all the daily decisions of someone who is deemed unfit to make their own basic financial and personal choices.

Due to her mental health problems and erratic behavior, Spears was put under conservatorship. One of the main people who pushed for Spears to have her freedom taken away was her dad, Jamie.

He said his daughter was unwell and should be basically locked down. Now, Spears is coming out with a shocking new accusation and threat.

Spears Threatens Her Parents

Spears blames her parents, Jamie and Lynn Spears, for wrecking her life and putting her under conservatorship. She talked about a tough life growing up and being surrounded by negativity and a victim mentality.

She doesn’t want to be a victim anymore. Spears says she is enjoying her freedom ever since a judge threw out the conservatorship over her on November 12.

However, as for Lynne, Jamie, and their part in advocating for Spears to be stripped of all personal power when she was having mental health issues? She says they should both be in “jail.”

Free Britney!

Ever since being free, Britney has been sharing her love for her fans and opening up about the struggles that consumed her. Spears announced three months ago, she converted to Catholicism.

She was raised Southern Baptist, but also got briefly involved in some weird religious cults in Hollywood, such as Kabbala. Her newfound faith helped sustain her, but Spears said she’s done trying to hold back on the “bad things” her family did to her.

Even her own mom, who is a Bible-believing Christian, treated her terribly and did things that should send her behind bars, according to Spears. There’s no doubt this woman has been through a lot.

The Bottom Line

Judge Brenda Penney granted Spears freedom last week, but now the emotions and injuries of the past are coming to the surface.

There’s no doubt Spears was behaving very strangely and putting herself in danger for quite a few years there. Yet, at the same time, the vengefulness of Spears’ parents to treat her like a dangerous lunatic was very humiliating and uncalled for.

It’s often hard to have any sympathy for celebrities, but in Spears’ case, I have to admit I do have some sympathy about what she went through. After rising to enormous success, surviving heartbreak and controversy, to then have your own family turn on you viciously is sad and awful!

What do you think about what happened to Spears? Will her anger at her parents go down or is she justified in trying to get them in more trouble for what they did?