British Social Media Influencer Oli London Just Broke Liberals Brains

The core concept of the transgender ideology is that any identity you have is valid. 

The main idea that fuels governments to force parents to let their kids transition and that gets people out marching for trans rights is that being trans is a real thing. 

It’s real because people feel on a deep psychological level that they are a different gender.

And some of them solve this by getting gender reassignment surgery. 

The proof that your identity is real, in other words, is that it’s your reality and your true inner identity – according to you. 

But now a British social media star called Oli London has broken liberals and transgender activists’ brains with his latest decision. 

Finding Your Tribe

Remember Rachel Dolezaal? She was a leftist professor and activist who was caught having pretended to be Black for years. 

Dolezal grew up around Black culture and preferred it to White. She also felt it was her real identity. 

But the left didn’t like it: they considered her to have been making a mockery of the racial justice movement and identity. Trans-racialism was just a bridge too far, even for these open-minded folks. 

Dolezal was accused of cultural appropriation and being a fake. 

But now British social media influencer Oli London has taken it a step further. He has come out as Korean. 

And unlike Dolezal, he hasn’t been faking it or using it to boost his profile. 

He’s actually become Korean ethnicity in his outer appearance through surgery, trying to get the look of Korean-pop (KPop) member Park Jimin. 

You can see that he has had his eyes slanted upwards and cheekbones worked on to give him an ethnically Korean appearance. 

“I’m so, so happy,” London said in a video from hospital, going on to say that he feels like he’s been stuck in the wrong body for much of his life and that the horrible feeling is finally over. 

He said it feels amazing to finally be able to be himself and be Korean as his inner identity tells him he is. 

Why Did London Do This?

London is a mega fan of the KPop group BTS and its singer Park Jimin. 

He says he hopes that Jimin likes what he’s done, although London has said that his reason for transitioning to get surgery to be more Korean isn’t just because of being a Jimin fan. He’s also very in love with Korean culture and feels “100 percent Korean.”

As for his inspiration?

You guessed it: Dolezal. 

Unlike many liberals who were horrified by her, London was inspired. Even though she was kicked out of her activism and shamed from public life, he saw potential. 

This was a way to embrace his identity and as London said she gave him “a lot of courage” to pursue his true identity. 

London Calls Out the ‘Woke Mob’

According to London, the “woke mob” online has come after him since he got the surgery. Even though he lived in Korea for eight years and fell in love with the culture, leftists say he’s just a showboat and a cultural appropriator. 

Dolezal has been supportive of London saying his choices are his choices. 

She says he’s not culturally appropriating he’s just being himself.