BREAKING: Articles of Impeachment Introduced Against Biden

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) has been one of the strongest America First conservatives in government.

This Thursday, she introduced articles of impeachment against Joe Biden for his failings on our border and actions contrary to American national security.

According to MTG, Biden has been working to “systematically destroy” the United States and needs to be held accountable.

Biden Regime Put on Notice

MTG also announced articles of impeachment for FBI Chief Chris Wray and US District Attorney Matthew Graves in DC on Tuesday. The following day, on Wednesday, she put forth more against AG Merrick Garland and Homeland Security head Alejandro Mayorkas.

Those are many key members of the globalist Biden regime and their allies, all being put on notice that their crimes against America have been noted. Her final article of impeachment against Biden came on Thursday.

Speaking in a press conference, MTG slammed the “America-last” Biden regime and said they need to be held accountable for the intentional damage their policies and lack of leadership have done to the country.

Watch the press conference below.

Here’s the Catch

Biden deserves to be impeached and has done far worse things than former POTUS Bill Clinton or Trump ever did.

As MTG said, his refusal to uphold “immigration law” is a direct threat to the country, leading to more than six million illegal aliens being caught at the border from every country in the world.

This includes captured individuals on the terror watch list. The problem is House Republicans can’t do anything with these articles of impeachment because they don’t have enough votes.

Previous articles of impeachment against Mayorkas for his treason also went nowhere.

White House representative Ian Sams defended Biden and mocked MTG, saying she is an “extreme” MAGA conservative putting on a “shameless sideshow” and nothing but a “political stunt.”

The Bottom Line

These articles of impeachment aren’t going anywhere without the votes necessary.

Yet, that doesn’t change the fact that Biden and his globalist ghouls absolutely deserve to be impeached. House Republicans should be doing everything possible to find a way to make it happen.