Border Patrol Chief Fired Ahead of Kamala’s Upcoming Border Visit

US Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott was just told he has two months left on the job. 

Only a couple of days before VP Kamala Harris (finally) comes down to tour our border with Mexico, the Biden Administration informed Scott that he’s not wanted anymore in his job. 

Scott then announced he’s quitting the position and being reassigned so that the federal government can install someone new who they want into the position.

For the time being, deputy US Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz will step in.  

Scott was given the choice to move to a new location or retire.

Scott’s held the job of Border Patrol chief since February of last year and is considered to be a pro-Trump pick; therefore, this fits in the Biden administration’s pattern of undoing everything good Trump had going. 

Liberals Celebrate

Liberals celebrated the news that Scott was on the way out; leftist Ricky Davila called him a “repugnant MAGA appointee” and said Border Patrol has been “tainted” by people like Scott. 

Scott has served with Border Patrol for over three decades altogether. Before his current position as head of the vital department, he was working as the main Border Patrol agent in San Diego, which is another key border crossing between us and Mexico. 

Getting Rid of the Trump Legacy

In addition to serving in San Diego, Scott has a long history and deep border experience. He headed up California’s El Centro sector, the Brown Field station in San Diego, second in command at US Border Patrol’s anti-terrorism office in Washington, D.C. and chief operations leader at border patrol HQ. 

In short, Scott knows what he’s doing and takes his job seriously. 

He’s far from just some token. 

However, he’s also a supporter of the border wall which he has called “very critical.” He’s described the wall as a big help to border agents to give them the resources to fully patrol the areas they’re in. 

So, the Biden administration wants to replace him with a nodding yes man or yes woman who will do whatever they say and pretend that Trump was wrong. 

The thing is, Ortiz who is stepping in has also said the border wall is very effective and smart; so you can bet the federal government will be looking to shoe someone in as soon as possible to replace him as well. 

Kamala’s Finally Visiting the Border

VP Kamala Harris is finally visiting the border. She’ll go to El Paso where the crisis isn’t quite as bad and avoid the Rio Grande Valley where the situation has truly spiraled out of control. 

Harris taking the easy way out is always what people like her do. 

Punishing people like Scott for doing their job just goes with the territory.