Blue States Crumble As Shoplifting Becomes Legal

As we all know, blue states are breaking down. Under awful Democrat leadership, they’ve had their economies strangled and are becoming worse and worse places to live.

One of the reasons is that Democrats in many blue states have decided to make it impossible to arrest people for petty crime. In San Francisco, it’s legal to shoplift anything under $950, while Oregon rarely prosecutes theft.

Welcome to liberal America.

Welcome to Lowe’s, That Will be $0

A viral video out of Lowe’s in Oregon shows shoplifters calmly heading out of the store with two carts of stuff they hadn’t paid for. The man who filmed it said the thieves were so “blatant” that it really upset him.

There’s a reason they were blatant; they knew that police and security guards wouldn’t stop them and they would pay no price for committing a crime. Someone who worked for Lowe’s did ask them to show their receipt when they left, but the men ignored the employee and walked out.

The shoplifters stole about $2,000 worth of wire, which can be taken apart and sold for copper. Ever wondered why the prices at Lowe’s are so high? Now you know.

Why Weren’t They Arrested?

Let’s be clear: Lowe’s could have called the cops and shoplifting is still technically illegal in Oregon. The thing is that a lot of the prisons don’t want to deal with or process small-time criminals in blue states because there are simply too many of them.

Lowe’s decided not to call the police, so the police say there’s nothing they can do. At most, these thieves would have gotten some kind of a fine, and the employees at most stores aren’t allowed to stop the thieves.

That equals a blank check.

Letting the Criminals Win

Just like the left is obsessed with getting guns from law-abiding Americans but lessening penalties for gun criminals, they’re obsessed with taxing and regulating normal people, but making things easier for criminals.

Many large companies like TJ Maxx and Lowe’s don’t let you go after shoplifters for legal liability reasons. Even if they do get stopped, the most they will deal with is basically like a parking ticket. A country can’t survive without laws.

As we can see now, red states are moving more every day toward law and order, respect for liberties, and economic growth. Blue states, by contrast, are moving backward to a type of society that’s feudalistic. There is a small liberal elite on top and then a lawless mass of violent and poor people on the bottom.

If you listen to their rules, you get more rules. If you’re a criminal, they leave you alone. It’s a vicious cycle and the end result is that blue states are becoming worse and worse places to live.