BLM Furious About ‘Racist’ Vax Mandates

Black Lives Matter isn’t as popular as it once was; however, it still has the full backing of our liberal media and millions of leftist Americans. Despite encouraging rioting and arson last summer, BLM is considered to be a voice of moral authority by our leftist politicians and news folks.

That’s what makes this story all the more remarkable. BLM is now coming out against vaccine mandates. BLM says they’re racist against black people and keep them out of places they should be free to go.

How are white liberals going to react to this? Will they continue to force the vax or back down in the face of righteous black anger?

BLM vs. Vaccine Passports

The reason this issue is coming up is due to New York City restaurants which are now requiring proof of vaccine to enter. One restaurant in particular, called Carmine’s, has become the center of BLM restaurants.

This comes after Carmine’s turned away three black women for not having proof of their vaccines. The women were really angry; they eventually ended up hitting a waitress at Carmine’s who reportedly called them a racist word.

NY’s BLM head Chivona Newsome called New York police “the Gestapo.” Newsome said the new vaccine rules give police unprecedented power to harass black people over lack of vaccine proof.

She also called social distancing “racist” and warned there will be an “uprising” if rules aren’t relaxed.

Carmine’s on the Defense

Carmine’s restaurant, meanwhile, is on the defense. Its lawyer says the waitress never said racist things to the black women. Surveillance footage shows the confrontation between a hostess and the three women who eventually start physically brawling.

According to Carmine’s, the fight broke out because the women had more people joining them who weren’t vaxxed. Either way, it’s clear that the issue touched a nerve, and BLM won’t let this go easily.

Black Americans overall are vaccinated at a lower rate than white Americans, so turning it into a racial issue is not completely misplaced.

It’s pretty ironic to see conservatives back BLM up on this; yet, then again, sometimes the enemy of my enemy is my friend…at least temporarily.

Changing the Debate

Now that BLM is coming out against the vaccine passports, the liberal media can’t demonize the unvaccinated to the same extent. If they do, then they can easily be called racist for discriminating against black people.

The terms of the debate have shifted, because it’s no longer possible for health authorities and the media to act like only white Trump supporters are the issue.

We all know how hesitant they are to say anything against BLM even when it was encouraging arson in cities like Minneapolis; this situation is likely to be no different.