White Woman Harasses Black Soldiers at Restaurant, Accusing Them of Being Antifa or BLM

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This country is on edge right now. Racial tension and the BLM and Antifa extremist groups have everyone walking on eggshells and feeling in fear for their families and communities. 

We were all told that if former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin wasn’t found guilty of murder the nation would burn to the ground. 

But that still doesn’t excuse what happened recently at an IHOP restaurant in Fort Belvoir, Virginia, when a group of Black soldiers were insulted and accused of being BLM by another woman in the restaurant. 

According to soldiers stationed in the area, this kind of incident is unfortunately fairly common. 

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What Happened at IHOP?

Four Black soldiers were recently grabbing some lunch on their break from duty in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. They decided to go to IHOP and have a meal before getting back to work, but something odd happened. 

A White woman approached them and said she would pay for their meal, handing them cash. Then she came back a moment later and asked for the money back from the four confused service men.

She then started insulting and berating them as well as people working in the restaurant, making bizarre accusations about them. One soldier took out his phone and started filming, putting the upsetting event on social media so that people could see the woman’s crazed behavior. 

“She offered to pay for their meal, which is not uncommon when people meet military personnel, it’s a gesture as a way to thank them for their service. She placed $30 on their table,” explained Fort Belvoir’s director of public affairs Joe Richard. 

But then things went really sideways as the woman came back and took back $24, leaving specifically $6 on the table and started saying the soldiers had taken her money and were BLM or Antifa supporters.

“You guys are … s**tbags,: the woman said angrily. “Are you the thin blue line, are you BLM, are you antifa?”

Another veteran in the restaurant told her to stand down but the woman went ballistic on him shouting:

“Is this your restaurant? Motherf***er, I will f***ing drop you. You wanna go? You wanna go?”

The soldiers left the restaurant and went back to base where they reported the disturbing occurrence which is now being investigated.

Here’s the Bottom Line

There’s a difference when the liberal media calls out racism and injustice in order to divide people and when outlets like this call it out for the exact opposite reason. 

We want to unite Americans and show them that the media and Democrat agenda to split this country apart and get White people hating Black people and vice versa is not going to work. 

Whatever kind of mental breakdown the White woman was having in that IHOP, her incoherent rant shows just how dangerous it is to judge people by their ethnic background or skin tone. 

Black Americans have served this country bravely for centuries and many of them are conservatives who strongly oppose the extremist nonsense of BLM and Antifa. To be accused of being with these insane groups because of your skin tone is outrageous and shows just how far the BLM and Antifa propaganda has spread.

The corporate media wants Black people to feel unwelcome and threatened in this country. It wants them to feel they have no choice but to support anti-American groups like BLM. People like this racist White woman are on the side of the corporate, liberal media, because they increase the discomfort and tensions that are currently going on. 

Oh and by the way to the four soldiers: thank you for your service.