Black Civil Rights Leader Tells Harsh Truth About Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

If you listen to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, they are the biggest champions of civil rights and anti-racism since Martin Luther King Jr.

In their own eyes, this administration considers itself to be on the frontlines of the fight against injustice of all kinds. They also believe their Democrat Party deserves credit for standing up for minorities.

Despite an increasing number of non-white Americans voting Republican, Biden even had the nerve during his run for POTUS to say any black folks who don’t vote Democrat “ain’t black.”

Now, a leading black civil rights activist is calling out the Biden-Harris regime for their behavior and lies. They are going to hate what he says.

Black Leader Slams the Biden-Harris Propaganda Factory

Bob Woodson is a civil rights icon from Philly who helped lead the struggle for equal rights for black Americans. In the 1960s, he fought against segregation and unfair policies that harmed black people.

However, he’s not a fan of the Biden-Harris regime. He recently went on Fox News to talk about the Democrat obsession with voting rights. Biden just went down to Georgia to give a big speech where he shouted false accusations about conservatives trying to block black people from voting.

Woodson said it’s all part of a pattern of extreme arrogance and hypocrisy he sees from Biden and Harris. For her part, Harris previously made horrific comments when she said the US should “watch” what it says to other countries about human rights.

According to Harris, our own racial tensions make us no better than Cuba or North Korea.

Progressives are Lying About Racism

There’s obviously such a thing as real racism that hurts real people. Yet, as Woodson noted, the Democrat Party and progressives “hijacked” the civil rights movement and are using it to manipulate people.

They scream “racism!” every time someone opposes them and are trying to keep black people in a state of “anger,” according to Woodson. Democrats divide the country and pretend to care about minority issues in order to control people, Woodson alleged.

He said things like their “voting rights” bills have nothing to do with election integrity and are actually about them locking down more control over elections overall.

As Woodson noted, black communities are being torn apart by gangs, drugs, and violence. The average black American is not out there crying over weird election rules that help the Democrats win.

It’s completely bogus; it’s the kind of false compassion that horrible people like Kamala Harris and Joe Biden have made a career out of.

Woodson is Right

As Woodson pointed out, lots of Democrat-run cities have black politicians who have let their cities down. The Democrats want to pretend the reason for every problem is conservatives and white people; it’s racist and it’s untrue.

Real civil rights progress comes with admitting the biggest problems in America have nothing to do with helping the Democrats win more elections.