Black California Gubernatorial Candidate Larry Elder Attacked by Racist Liberals

Larry Elder is an ABC (American Black Conservative). He’s running for governor of California to restore common sense and patriotism to the state. California has been overrun by leftist policies that have undermined its economy and social system.

Current Governor Gavin Newsom is up for a recall vote in less than a week and Elder stands a good shot at replacing him. However, not all Californians back Elder, with polls still split roughly 50/50.

A recent attack by racist liberals shows just how nasty some of Elder’s opponents are.

Attack on Elder in Venice

During campaign appearances in LA’s Venice neighborhood, Elder was going through a homeless area when a group of crazed liberals began shouting at him and his team. One of Elder’s security detail went to deal with the issue; this is when a person in a gorilla mask started throwing eggs, almost hitting Elder.

What if these liberals had been armed? Another white liberal man started snarling at Elder’s team, saying “don’t mess with me boy” repeatedly and insulting Elder.

Calling people “boy” in an insulting way is obviously a racist term, and so is wearing a gorilla mask and trying to attack a black conservative. Enough is enough.

Elder’s Reaction

Elder is a tough man. As a long-time radio host who handles lots of controversies, he knows that not everyone likes him. That doesn’t bother Elder.

However, being attacked on the street and shouted at by racists is not something we should have to be dealing with in America in 2021. Elder was escorted out by his team and drove off in an SUV.

Elder said the attack didn’t bother him much and he didn’t feel in danger; that’s because Elder is not a complainer or a victim. He could easily turn this into a racial thing or complain, but he doesn’t want to bother with the drama that liberals want to create.

I totally understand that, but I feel it’s important to point out the kind of racist violence that the left gets away with on a daily basis. These people are aggressive, violent, and unstable. They are not a valid part of American society.

Can Elder Win?

The short answer is yes. Elder can definitely become the next governor if Newsom is removed. California needs fresh leadership which can guide the state through the mess that Newsom and his Democrat friends have created.

Extreme crime, rampant homelessness, house prices that are through the roof, and a state full of illegal immigration are just some of the problems California is facing. Newsom shut down small businesses and let them die out, while claiming it was to protect people from COVID.

Now, Newsom needs to pay the price.