Bill Gates Makes a Fool of Himself on Masks During Hilarious Rant

Bill Gates is one of the richest men in the world and also a committed globalist. This means he wants a one-world government and an end to individual and national sovereignty.

Gates has been at the front of the COVID response; he contributed heavily to the development of ineffective and dangerous COVID vaccines.

Bill Gates, Media Star

That hasn’t stopped the media from considering Gates to be an expert on virology, however, with many networks routinely having him on to discuss his opinion of the pandemic and when it will end.

Gates continually moved the goalposts, but the strangest thing has not been the misinformation; it’s been his deranged attitude the entire time.

He’s often laughed during interviews discussing mass deaths supposedly from COVID comorbidities; he appeared almost gleeful while discussing various high-tech ways to approach the pandemic and cancel normal life.

The latest example is truly bizarre.

Bill Gates is Not a Health Expert

Bill Gates is famous for founding Microsoft and being a software whizz; his intelligence in computers does not extend to viruses and medicine, though. The fact is Gates is far from a medical expert.

He’s a meddling globalist who wants to inject his opinion and his shady vaccines in as many people as possible. He demonstrated his ignorance recently while speaking at the Munich Security Conference in Germany.

Speaking on a panel, Gates said those who protest wearing masks are ridiculous and it’s like arguing about wearing pants in public.

First of all, the image of Bill Gates without pants is horrifying; nobody should ever imagine it. Secondly, why is he making a false analogy like this?

The CDC has already admitted cloth masks don’t stop COVID. Is Gates just stupid? All signs point to yes.

Why Did Gates Say Such a Stupid Thing?

Gates was onstage at the time with Canada’s top foreign diplomat, the head health minister of Sweden, the head of a prominent geopolitical think tank, and the head of the World Health Organization.

He was among friendly globalist company, in other words. Plus, when your bank account has this many zeroes in it, you can basically say what you want.

These privileged pompous folks were talking about many aspects of COVID and mask mandates. Gates mocked those who don’t like masks, saying it must be so “cruel” to feel like society makes you wear a mask.

He went on to say he couldn’t “figure out” why people didn’t like masks and said everyone would laugh if the same debate was had over wearing pants.

First, masks don’t stop COVID. Secondly, pants aren’t on your face, stifling your breathing, spreading dangerous bacteria around your mouth, and potentially worsening anxiety and breathing issues in various people.