Bill Gates-Funded Org. Promoting Child Trafficking

Bill Gates and his wife got divorced two years ago, partly because Bill’s wife Melinda didn’t like his past friendship with sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

Though Bill and his wife still have a large foundation named the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that does work all over the world.

They claim it “fights poverty” and reduces “inequity” and “disease” by pushing vaccines and progressive causes globally. Last year, the foundation shelled out a whopping $8.3 billion and they are enormously influential.

One of the groups that the foundation donates to is an international version of Planned Parenthood called the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).

As if its worldwide promotion of abortion wasn’t horrible enough, the IPPF has now disgustingly been found promoting sex trafficking to underage people in its latest sex ed documents.

IPPF: Young Kids Need To Learn About ‘Commercial Sex Work’

The IPFF is the international version of Planned Parenthood here at home. IPFF promotes abortion and “sex education” around the world, influencing curricula in many schools and nations.

IPFF has chapters in around 146 nations, including 120 non-governmental organizations under its umbrella. It has taken more than $80 million from the Gates Foundation in its latest cycle.

Their sex ed program includes teaching kids under 10 years old about the different types of “sexual activity” and explaining to them how it can also take place in “commercial sex work.”

That means working as a stripper, prostitute, and so on. This Gates-funded globalist group that also takes money from the World Health Organization thinks young kids should have the idea of sex work normalized.

Are they even aware of how many millions of kids a year are trafficked into sex work?

How Sick Is That?

The toolkit also pushes the idea of “diverse gender identities” on kids saying they “might” find the ideas interesting as they get more mature.

The IPFF also says that having “pleasure” is the main goal of sex and you should be able to have “bodily autonomy” in whatever you do. Phrases like “bodily autonomy” are dog whistles for abortion.

The IPPF believes kids are sexual from birth and introducing them to sexual topics as early as possible is good for their development.

They go around the world pushing these sick concepts on young kids in poor countries and then bully the governments of those countries or withdraw funding if they don’t get their way.

This is the sick woke mind virus that emanates out of the globalist rat holes around the world and from the United States.