Bill Clinton Takes a Nap at Boring Biden Inauguration

Clinton by sharedferret is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

President Biden’s inauguration around noon on Wednesday was about as boring as they come. It honestly sounded like a copy-paste job from a high school student council speech.

With 25,000 National Guard troops protecting the progressive clique and their conservative enablers who were there for the event, it was not very exciting. The much-hyped threat of the Proud Boys and more MAGA riots? Nowhere to be seen.

Those watching along on TV were amused to see former President Bill Clinton take a nap during Biden’s inaugural address.

Bill Clinton by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Can You Really Blame Bill?

Can you really blame Bill for catching some shuteye? Imagine if you had to be married to Hillary. Not only that, you now have to sit and pretend to be interested in some nonsense about “unity” and fixing all the nation’s problems with no actual details.

Insert “fight climate change” insert “women’s rights” insert “fight white supremacy.” Blah, blah, blah.

Bill Clinton may be a lot of things – including some that are potentially quite disturbing given his longtime links to dead pedophile sex ring leader Jeffrey Epstein – but he’s not boring. He has a sense of humor, insights and he plays saxophone.

Biden, in comparison, forgets what he said two weeks ago and the closest thing to a joke is him talking about having his legs rubbed at a public swimming pool.

A Forgettable Inauguration

With a few people here and there listening to Biden being sworn in and hearing the “Honorable” Amy Klobuchar go on about her principles and democracy, it was a forgettable inauguration.

I doubt that even Hunter Biden could tell you any of what was said – although Hunter likely couldn’t tell you much of anything with how whacked out from drugs his brain probably is.

Lady Gaga sang the anthem with a bizarre British accent and a ridiculous costume, while Jennifer Lopez had a cringe-worthy performance of “This Land is Your Land” and “America the Beautiful.” Honestly embarrassing stuff.

The Media Goes Wild

The media, of course, absolutely loved the Biden inauguration. The day before CNN‘s political director David Chalian even said the lights lining the National Mall were like “Biden’s arms embracing America.” Seriously, what? Please keep your twisted sexual fantasies to yourself, David.

The rest of the media couldn’t resist jumping aboard the hype train now that they are back to normal in their left-wing groove, seeing how many times they could say the word “historic” in a row in an awed tone of voice while progressive fanatic VP Kamala Harris was sworn in.

Do these people hear themselves? They literally sound like robots. “Historic, historic, incredibly historic.”

Any real journalist would be ashamed to be within twenty feet of these kind of people, yet they continue to spew these cliches and celebrate themselves and their political mascots without any knowledge or interest in how tired the rest of America is in their games.

Send Me The Bill

With his immediate cramming of executive orders, Biden is already doing what his handlers want and will now move forward to pass his $1.9 trillion COVID stimulus bill. Get ready for four years of heavy spending and expansion of the welfare state.

Now that the government has destroyed small business and the economy they will get everyone addicted to federal payouts and dependent on government assistance. It’s a tale as old as time. What comes next – loss of rights, property and free speech – is not pretty. Maybe we’d all be better off just taking a nap like Bill Clinton, but that’s not something Americans can afford to do.

Eventually the bill for reckless spending and progressive craziness will come due. Let’s hope – and work to make sure – that it doesn’t add up to full economic collapse of this country.