Big Time Corruption Exposed From One of the Top Women in the Biden Regime

Jennifer Granholm is Biden’s Secretary of Energy. This Canadian-born, Clinton insider was put in charge of our crucial energy sector by the president, due to her long list of connections in the Democrat Party.

As a former governor of Michigan who believes in every part of the leftist platform, Granholm is just another self-righteous leftist. According to her, her party is fighting the good fight.

Well, it turns out she might be fighting more for her personal enrichment. Indeed, extreme corruption involving Granholm has been exposed and people are starting to ask some uncomfortable questions.

What Did Granholm Do?

Biden’s Energy Secretary turns out to have not announced stocks she was buying nine times.

Putting aside the question of whether it’s even appropriate for high-up members of the government to be investing, we all agree they should at least have to declare what stocks they have.

However, Granholm didn’t do this, and she didn’t do it nine times. She sold off around $250,000 without even saying she was doing it.

This directly contravenes the STOCK Act (Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act). This bill was passed in 2012; it gives lawmakers and administration members 45 days to declare what stocks they have bought or sold.

Yet, Granholm apparently thought she was above the law. It’s not that she didn’t know about the law, obviously; it’s that she didn’t care about the specifics of the law.

She sold off various stocks between April to October of last year and then let it ride.

Eventually, she got around to declaring her sales, up to six months after they’d already been sold. This is a complete breaking of the law. She filed her declarations this past December for stocks she’d already sold off by last April.

What Stocks Did Granholm Dispose of?

Granholm sold off up to $75,000 of the real estate company Redfin, up to $50,000 shares in Uber, and up to $50,000 in Invesco.

The other stock disclosures haven’t yet been revealed; exact dollar amounts aren’t available, due to privacy regulations.

What’s clear is that Granholm broke STOCK law and thought she’d face zero consequences for it. How much can we know about what Granholm knew at the time she sold her stocks?

At this point, it appears she won’t be held accountable in any way. If we normal peasants do insider trading, we get introduced to prison food and have our accounts seized.

If Canadian-born Clinton apparatchiks do it they get to sign a new form and say sorry. Come to think of it, Granholm actually hasn’t even said sorry.

The Bottom Line

We are living in a collapsing republic.

Our elite liberal leaders think they are above the law. They are content to let the rest of our cities descend into chaos, while they click around and trade stocks without following the law.

These people are parasites.