Big Tech Moves in to Protect Biden and Censor Opposition

YouTube video Brandweer Nederweert by mauritsonline is licensed under CC BY 2.0

It’s no secret that Big Tech leans left. What’s still surprising is how they don’t care about keeping even the appearance of being fair.

Their latest trick comes on behalf of President Joe Biden, whose inauguration video and others on the White House YouTube channel were getting a lot of people clicking dislike.

But what about unity? Something has to be done!

That’s what YouTube apparently thought, anyway.

YouTube Steps In

YouTube stepped in to help bring that unity by deleting thousands of the dislikes on Biden videos. They claim it’s just normal practice to get rid of dislikes that are not “authentic.” Basically, YouTube is claiming the dislikes are from bots of automated programs.

Just a guess, does YouTube believe it is Russian bots again? What a surprise.

Internet users noticed what’s been going on and put before and after photos to show how YouTube is monkeying around with videos. They indicate up to 16,000 dislikes taken off recent Biden videos.

Classic Joe Biden by afagen is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Saving Biden’s Butt

According to YouTube what they’re doing is perfectly normal and is just part of the fact that “YouTube regularly removes any spam likes or dislikes from your videos.”

YouTube is owned by Google which is one giant political propaganda outfit that filters out conservatives points of view and tries to create the progressive world that they wish existed. They’re on the way to getting their wish, but the only problem is they overestimated how stupid people are and now they’re getting a middle finger.

Google alone helped steal the last election from Trump by skewing results so that people only saw things that made Trump usually look bad and Biden look good, which was responsible for millions of swing votes that went to Biden according to expert psychologist Robert Epstein who studied the phenomenon.

It’s obviously clear that all the whining about democracy and “norms” just means one thing:

Progressives will do whatever it takes to win and then still claim the moral high ground, because when you write the news and write history you can make yourself into any character you want.

It’s still a dirty, low-down trick and this YouTube censorship is just the latest example of how brazen and hypocritical these leftists are on a regular basis.

Banning the Opposition

YouTube has already kicked off anyone who complains about the last election. Even if you just raise questions about voter fraud and wrongdoing in the last election you are likely to have your video deleted.

YouTube’s not taking any chances in their Brave New World and they want conservatives forced off platform and silenced. There is no easy solution but everyone should get behind Parler in their lawsuit against Amazon who tried to deny them use of their servers, and people should also consider using search engines other than Google and video sharing sites other than YouTube.

Not only does Google interfere in elections and force its political views on people, it’s also simply not a very good search engine. Next time you search look at how it pushes a bunch of paid content right at the top and then gives you results that reflect the “official” view of the progressive elite.

You’re not actually getting results of what’s happening or what’s on the web. Try out DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Qwant, Search Encrypt, Yandex and Swisscows. These will end up being a lot better than Google and don’t try to censor information in the same brazen way or go out of their way to rescue their favored political candidate from embarrassment like they’ve been doing for Biden and every other Democrat for years now.