Big News on Texas Border Wall Construction

Texas is under the great leadership of Governor Greg Abbott and the state’s funding of a border wall is now moving forward in a matter of days.

The wall is being funded by the Texas Facilities Commission; the commission just announced that the 700-mile section of wall on the Texas-Mexico border is going to kick off in the middle of this month with over $1 billion ready to use.

That’s some serious money; it’s also great news for patriots who’ve watched with dismay as half of the world pours undocumented through our southern border.

It’s not only the drugs and crime that need to be stopped; it’s the fact that it’s not safe to have millions of unknown people enter your country during a pandemic and economic crisis.

Who Will Build the Wall?

The Texas wall is going to be built by the companies Huitt-Zollars and Michael Baker International.

The total funding for the wall has yet to be determined; however, both of these companies have a very solid track record of building walls on other areas of the border under past presidents.

If you’re confused, it’s understandable. Building borders should be a federal government job, not a state job.

However, since Biden abandoned his duty to protect this nation and secure its borders, Abbott stepped in to get it done at the state level.

How Big is the Wall?

Currently, only about 12% of the Texas-Mexico border is walled. That leaves huge unprotected sectors where migrants, cartels and criminals can spill across.

The Texas land border is around 1,250 miles, and this project will require about 1,100 miles of fence to cover the existing gaps.

So far, there are 733 miles secured and with rights to build on; therefore, part of this will be a matter of negotiating with border land holders to ensure there’s room and space to build the wall through areas that touch their property.

The Texas National Guard will be the ground forces on the border wall task.

First Temporary Fencing, Then the Real Deal

At the moment, funding has been put aside for several thousand National Guard troops to start installing 8-foot-high wire fencing.

This will then be transformed into the real wall of solid steel. It’s clear that Texans stand behind this: they’ve already given over $54 million in crowdfunding.

President Trump did his best to get this wall up and running as well, but was blocked by frivolous lawsuits and property disputes.

By ensuring they already have permission on more than half the land they need for this project, the state of Texas is making huge strides.

There is no doubt this wall is going to happen and it’s going to happen soon. Any day now, we will see construction begin on a wall that’s long overdue.