Biden’s Top Bag Man Tony Blinken is Going Down

Antony Blinken is currently serving as the US Secretary of State. He’s a typical deep state guy with the usual background in diplomacy and propaganda.

Blinken is also increasingly being exposed as Joe Biden’s bag man, a guy who helps him get rid of nasty situations and act as a go-between. His latest act was lying under oath to the Senate about his communications with Hunter Biden.

Backhanded Blinken

As people like Senator Ron Johnson have been pointing out, we now know Blinken lied in front of the Senate committee.

Blinken said under oath he hadn’t emailed Hunter Biden when this is 100% untrue. Johnson himself has shown the emails between Hunter and Blinken.

Why would Blinken just straight up lie under sworn oath about something that could be disproven? It shows a lack of intelligence and integrity of the highest order.

Endless Lies

The Biden crime family should never have gotten into such a position of power. It’s no wonder they take on dishonest operators like Blinken in the lower ranks. More emails are being ordered to be turned over by Blinken before May 15.

Since he already lied in front of the Senate, I don’t see why he wouldn’t try to also destroy other potentially more controversial emails.

Blinken already helped the intelligence community come up with their frontal attack against the Hunter Biden laptop getting them to lie and say it was Russian disinformation. He’s also been in touch with Hunter about other things.

How deep do the lies go? In this regime, it’s hard to know, but the more we dig the more we keep finding and it’s not looking good.

The Bottom Line

Blinken needs to face serious consequences for his lies. Every day, the Biden-Harris regime turns out to be even dirtier and worse than we imagined.