Biden’s Press Secretary Goes Off Her Rocker, Curses Out Reporter

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has a hard job. Let’s be honest: covering up for the messes and ridiculous things said by Joe Biden is not easy.

Yet, that’s how she gets her paychecks, and KJP is a hardworking lady.

However even for her, sometimes her patience runs out. This happened recently on Wednesday, November 2 at a press conference when KJP went off on a reporter.

KJP Goes Ballistic on Peter Doocy

Peter Doocy works at Fox and is one of their best reporters. He asks questions the servile press corps is too scared to ask.

They’re too busy trying to sniff Biden’s butt and curry favors, while Doocy is actually trying to do his job and get some answers.

The deeply corrupt Biden-Harris regime is certainly the worst this country has ever seen and they have only one tool to use: fear.

Biden has been doing his level best to call Republicans fascists and scare people into going to the polls and voting for the failed Democrat Party.

He even recently said conservatives are bad for the United States and threaten the country. Doocy asked a simple question. He asked whether Biden really thinks right-wing voters are a threat to democracy.

KJP did not like this; she went off on Doocy, saying it’s a “ridiculous question.”


You know what’s ridiculous? Biden’s accusations. Denying he’s made them is absurd. He clearly thinks conservatives are a threat and wants to persecute them and is persecuting them.

During the press conference, KJP commented that depending on the outcome of the election, it is very likely that a large number of Republican voters will cause controversies over the vote.

That’s justifiable skepticism if you ask me. So, Doocy questioned her on whether Biden really thinks the voter who votes for the Republican Party pose a dangerous risk to democracy.

KJP says it’s “ridiculous” to say Biden sees Republicans as a threat. He clearly does and she just finished inciting violence against conservatives by saying they threaten the poll security.

Jean-Pierre, bothered by the questioning, soon began to stutter and did not stop until she finished his speech. KJP said Americans are free to vote for whoever they want and the vote is sacred.

You could have fooled me!

KJP Drops the Ball

She also cited the president’s support for voter safety and the process, but conservatives need to decide for sure whether they support democracy or not.

She also accused them of being conspiracy theorists. This lady and her Biden-Harris regime seriously need to look in the mirror. We all know a red wave is coming and the lies and tricks of the Democrat Party are not fooling any of us.