Biden’s Open Border Plans Hit Huge Roadblock

The situation on our border is absolutely out of control. What makes it worse is a pandemic law called Title 42 is right about to expire.

This law allows for immediate deportation at the border from asylum seekers back to their home country. They are sent back until a court date can be arranged under safety rules regarding the spread of COVID.

Biden planned to let Title 42 lapse and open the floodgates to full open borders, but something very unexpected just happened that is getting in the way of his plans.

Biden Gets Blocked

There are still some judges in this country who know the law and care about it.

They are determined to save the republic and stop lawless Democrats from overrunning this country and turning it over to the United Nations and the World Economic Forum.

One of these patriot judges is US District Judge Robert Summerhays of Louisiana.

While ruling on a lawsuit to block the lapse of Title 42 sent to him by almost half the states in the union, Summerhays found that Title 42 cannot be allowed to expire.

As he ruled, Biden contravened his own rules by scrapping Title 42, which must remain in place to protect the health of Americans.

This is just a preliminary injunction by Summerhays, which means an expectation that a court case would return in their favor. Nevertheless, it means Title 42 stays for now.

That’s a big deal, considering the law helped immediately deport over 600,000 illegals last year alone. Only counting last month, it was used over 100,000 times to send people back.

If Title 42 lapses, our borders will cease to exist. Summerhays may have just saved the republic with this last-ditch ruling in favor of the attorney generals who launched the lawsuit.

Title 42 Stays

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), along with its incompetent and treasonous leader, Alejandro Mayorkas, have done nothing to protect our border. They were planning to let Title 42 expire.

These are the same people who told us we’d all die without the vaccine and staying inside our homes forever. Whereas they’re fine with letting random hundreds of thousands of strangers who could have viruses pour across our borders?

We were only two days away from this important policy expiring, which would have been a total disaster for the country. It’s good there are still adults in this country with some power,  such as Summerhays and the AGs who filed this lawsuit.

What’s the Next Step?

This clawing back of basic control is step one. Thank the adults in the room, such as Summerhays, for that.

Step two is sweeping the upcoming midterms and then getting our southern border the resources it needs to stop the invasion that is happening.

The Democrats can’t be allowed to continue sacrificing our national security and economy in this manner.