Biden’s Open Border Costs American Baby Its Life

The Lavenir family was on vacation from France and visiting Florida in the city of Wellington near West Palm Beach. Like many travelers, they decided to stay in an Airbnb.

Everything was normal. Lydie and Boris let their baby daughter Enora of 19 months play around a bit before she lay down for a nap.

When they came back, Enora was foaming at the mouth and her face was blue. The family called the ambulance but it was too late. Enora was dead. Later, autopsy results revealed she died from fentanyl exposure.

Lavenirs Suing Airbnb

The Lavenirs are pursuing a lawsuit against Airbnb and are represented by a lawyer named Thomas Scolaro. As Scolaro explains, the Lavenirs didn’t have any idea why their baby was lifeless and, therefore, the autopsy was done.

It showed Enora had ingested a fatal amount of fentanyl. The family believes those staying in the Airbnb before must have been using fentanyl drugs and left traces around.

Scolaro said they particularly want to emphasize to others that you should go the extra lengths to wipe down surfaces and be careful if staying in spaces where others have been.

You can never be completely sure what other people were doing or what substances they may have been using in the place you’re now staying.

Digging Deeper Into This Tragedy

The Lavenirs’ lawsuit is not only against Airbnb itself, but also names the owner of the property and the previous people who were staying there.

According to the lawsuit, the renter did not adequately clean and ensure the readiness of the property for new people to stay. Those who stayed there committed criminal negligence in leaving behind “drug residue.”

Scolaro said his analysis is those staying there before had a party including drugs and didn’t clean up well afterward. Now, a baby is dead.

Although he says he understands it will be hard to get them to “admit that,” he says the Lavenirs are not going to let this go and they “will answer” for what they did.

Fentanyl and Open Borders

America’s deadly fentanyl crisis is directly linked to the unsafe and insecure southern border with Mexico. Fentanyl is currently the number one cause of death for Americans between 18 to 45-years-old.

Between January 2021 and January 2022, a stunning 107,375 Americans died from drug overdoses, with fully 67% of these overdoses being from fentanyl and synthetic opioids.

A lot of this is coming from China and also over the southern border. In January 2023 alone, 1,400 pounds of fentanyl were busted trying to get over the southern border.

That’s just what authorities managed to stop; it’s enough to provide 317 million deadly doses of fentanyl and kill most people in the entire country.

Since Biden got into the White House, there have been 4.6 million illegal aliens caught at the southern border. Even only a small amount of them trafficking fentanyl is deadly to our country and to those visiting the country.