Biden’s New SCOTUS Nominee Displays Shocking Ignorance

Nomination hearings are going on for Joe Biden’s Supreme Court (SCOTUS) nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson.

As part of his promise to nominate a black woman to the nation’s highest court, Biden announced Jackson as his choice last month.

During questioning, the Democrats have soft-pedaled everything they can. Conservatives still remember the false allegations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the way the left tried to block him.

However, they’re still going about questioning Jackson in a fair way, asking why she handed reduced sentences to child predators, and about her legal philosophy.

That’s where Jackson started to go off course, making incredibly ignorant comments.

Jackson Says She Doesn’t Know What a Woman Is

Jackson is a religious woman who’s been on the board of a local Baptist school in the past and is a non-denominational Protestant.

She thanked God for His help in getting her as far as she has and said none of it would have been possible without “faith.”

At the same time, Jackson understands the script she’s forced to parrot from the radical left. That’s why when Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee asked Jackson a question any kindergartner would know, Jackson said she has no idea.

Blackburn’s question was simple: she asked Jackson to define a woman.

Shocked by the simple question, which you are no longer allowed to be honest about on the left, Jackson tried to bow out, saying she’s not a “biologist” and doesn’t have the qualification to tell a anyone who is a woman or not.

Hold on a second: isn’t the whole point that Jackson is a black woman?

So wouldn’t a woman be related in some way to what Jackson is? This seems like a mystery we could all solve if we put our heads together!

Why Would Jackson Play Ignorant?

Of course, Jackson knows what a woman is and knows how insane and meaningless the current transgender debate is.

However, she also knows that as a liberal justice, her job is to take care of hurt feelings on the left and help people like Lia Thomas believe they are women.

The fact is this oppresses actual women. It is offensive and harmful to women as an unfortunate side effect, but by pretending not to be able to say what a woman truly is, Jackson hopes to dodge the whole issue.

Of course, that’s no longer an option. Many issues are coming up to SCOTUS relate to trans rights and biological sex. Trying to sidestep it will just make it come back even more strongly.

This is not to mention that, just on a basic level, saying you don’t know what male and female are thereby means you don’t know what half the rulings SCOTUS has made are about, since many relate directly to gender.

What would be the point of a Violence Against Woman Act to stop domestic abuse of females if the definition of female is unknown? Ridiculous nonsense.

The Bottom Line

Go woke, go broke.

Jackson is still likely to be confirmed, but even ten years ago, an answer like this would have had people falling out of their chairs with laughter.

Let’s be careful: large amounts of our nation are clearly going insane.