Biden’s New Remarks on “MAGA Republicans” Panned By Even Trump Critics

On Thursday, Biden released a new speech at Independence National Historical Park. He used this time to rip into “MAGA Republicans” as dangerous rising forces in America that must be stopped.

The president claimed that “MAGA Republicans” want to prevent people from marrying who they love and having access to birth control. Biden also accused Trump supporters of having zero respect for the Constitution and aiming to subvert free and fair elections.

Biden made these comments with Marines and the American flag behind him.

While the speech was criticized by Republicans and Trump supporters, even people who are not necessarily fans of the GOP or Trump weighed in with concerns of their own, per Breitbart News.

Overplaying His Hand

Biden’s speech, along with its optics, went a bridge too far for officials with the Washington Post, CNN, and CBS.

Many stated that it wasn’t appropriate for the president to have the military flanking him as he ripped into the GOP as enemies of the nation. Media figures who pointed this out also explained that America’s military isn’t supposed to be political by any means.

The red background behind Biden speaking and angrily shaking his fists also hasn’t gone over very well. At one point, CNN was accused of even editing this imagery to try to make the background lighter.

Amid criticism from the press, various aides of the White House leaped to Biden’s defense, arguing that he wasn’t making a political speech. Nevertheless, most Americans seem to think differently, considering the comments Biden made regarding his political opposition.

No Turning Back

After Biden’s speech on Thursday, there’s absolutely no turning back for him. The president cannot expect to be really taken seriously as a unifying power amid trashing half of the nation as dangerous forces that need to be stopped.

A sign of how bad this is for the White House shows when even mainstream media outlets that aren’t comprised of “MAGA Republicans” or conservatives are sounding alarm bells.

Going forward, it looks as though Biden will continue to openly demonize Republicans who like Trump. He’s doing it ahead of the midterms and it could very well be his strategy in 2024 if he decides to run for reelection as he’s promised to do.

With the president of the United States carrying this newfound aggressive rhetoric toward his political opposition, no one should be shocked to see division worsen in this country. Biden has officially abandoned even the illusion of wanting to put political differences aside.

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This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.