Biden’s Ignorance on Gas Prices is Crashing Our Economy

Harold Hamm has made billions in the oil business and he knows what he’s talking about. Unlike Joe Biden and his incompetent administration, Hamm actually knows how to work in the private sector and get things done.

He saw inflation coming and predicted years ago Biden would make a mess of our economy. Now, he’s warning the situation is even more serious than we realize. It’s not just pain at the pumps; it’s an overall bungle into dangerously high prices.

Sounding the Alarm on Biden-flation

Speaking with Maria Bartiromo on Mornings with Maria, Hamm sounded the alarm on Biden-flation and the policies that are crashing our oil and gas market.

As he noted, this is basic economics and it’s all completely unnecessary. We don’t need to be in a crisis right now, but Biden led us directly into one.

As Hamm said, prices are going way up on both natural gas and crude oil; that’s because the supply has been “shut down” and people are starting to drive again. The increased demand from folks who are finally able to leave their houses, along with a lessened supply, is a recipe for complete disaster.

We’re now at around $3.38 per gallon for gas in America. That’s a disaster by any standard. Biden steadily put in place rules that limit how much gas can be extracted and made in the US.

He ended the Keystone XL pipeline, which was an idiotic decision for the ages. Don’t let anyone tell you differently; Joe Biden is absolutely responsible for the high prices you’re paying at the pumps.

No Answer from Biden

Biden recently admitted he has no response to the rising prices. Now that President Trump isn’t here for Biden to blame, I guess he’s having a harder time.

The truth is his federal ban on new permits on federally owned land is a disaster and that’s over a quarter of America. Biden hooked us on foreign oil, scrapped US jobs, and sank us back into the energy dependence that Trump got us out of.

He needs to fix this situation up now by opening drilling back up and listening to industry experts like Hamm. The problem, however, as Hamm said, is Biden treats him and others who know the industry like they “don’t exist.”

Instead, Biden is just obsessed with green energy ideas.

As Biden continues to chase Green New Deal windmills and ignore the reality on the ground, the American people’s patience is wearing thin. There’s only so much nonsense that can be tolerated before it becomes an impeachable offense; Biden crossed that boundary a long time ago.

The rest of us have lives to get to and gas to pump. Open drilling back up and boot Biden out of office, we’ve all had enough of this tomfoolery.