Biden’s First-Ever Border Visit So Disgraceful Even CNN is Outraged

President Joe “Open Border” Biden’s first-ever visit to the US-Mexican border has been so pathetic and disgraceful, with homeless migrants removed and an entire city “sanitized,” that even far-left propaganda outlet CNN called it out.

Border Community Got Fully Sanitized

On Sunday, for the first time in his nearly half-a-century-long political career, No Borders Joe actually paid a proper visit to the southern border – sort of.

Biden went to El Paso, Texas, a city of 700,000 where homeless illegal immigrants have been living on the streets for months – except he didn’t see any of that because his administration had them thoroughly removed and the entire place cleaned up ahead of his visit, according to reports.  

The only other time that Sleepy Joe had been to the US-Mexican border was in 2008 – except he only landed at the El Paso airport and then drove briefly along the border to go to an event in New Mexico.

In spite of its insistence to the contrary, the Biden White House was unable to come up with evidence he made it to the border on any other occasion.

This time, however, things were vastly different.

Biden and his administration’s seemingly tacit approval of America’s invasion by millions and millions of illegal immigrants has been shocking; so was the Democratic president’s border visit.

report by Red State described Biden’s border trip as a “dog and pony show” and one that was “heavily scripted,” as he could witness nothing of the terrible toll his own border crisis has taken on America’s border communities.

The report noted the Biden visit to the border “flopped” as much as his veep Kamala Harris’s border visit did in June 2021 – although this time around, the flop seems even more significant.

‘Completely Coincidental’

Sleepy Joe’s stop at El Paso on his way to a North American leaders’ summit in Mexico City, Mexico, seemed so absurdly scripted that even far-left CNN wrote in its headline the visit had been “tightly controlled.”

The CNN report concluded Biden didn’t seem to “see or meet” any illegal immigrants, even though he went to a “migrant respite center.”

It added reporters accompanying the president also didn’t “see any migrants” anywhere in or around El Paso, a highly unusual and bizarre situation.

Instead of actually viewing the consequences of his anti-American, unpatriotic policies, Biden’s visit to the border at El Paso touched upon “enforcement issues” and conversations with Border Patrol officers.

Clearly conveying the ridiculousness of the situation, CNN asked a Biden administration official about the total absence of any illegal immigrants in the area visited by the Democratic president.

The reply was that it just so happened there simply “weren’t any” illegals when Biden arrived. “[That is] completely coincidental,” the official was quoted as saying – and it remains unclear whether that Biden official actually believed this.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.