Biden’s Economic Scorecard Just Got a Giant ‘F’

Joe Biden came into office with big promises. He said he’d bring the country together, beat COVID, and get our economy roaring.

He claimed he would bring back Made in America and revitalize our labor force, putting Americans back to work and restoring pride to the American worker.

Well, we’re a year in now and COVID is worse than ever. More lockdowns are looming, our politics are more divided than ever, and as for the economy, a new report from the Labor Department gives Biden a giant F…

Biden Misses the Jobs Mark by a Mile

New statistics out today show our economy added 199,000 jobs in December 2021. This falls way below the expected amount economic experts were hoping would be created last month.

In fact, industry leaders were hoping for upwards of 400,000 jobs. This means the actual amount of jobs is under half of what was expected to be created last month.

If we take a look back at November 2021, we see 210,000 jobs were created, meaning December was also a slowdown from the month before.

Experts are saying the main reason is the spreading and infections of the new COVID type, omicron, which is circulating rapidly and hurting job creation by leading to shutdowns and restrictions, once again.

This is definitely not the news Biden is hoping for, as our economy is already skating on thin ice and dealing with record inflation.

It Gets Worse

It gets even worse, as Charles Payne of Fox pointed out.

Almost 100,000 people literally left our labor force. Even though Biden is trying to say job numbers are up for Hispanics, this can’t paper over the awful result on jobs that he just got handed.

What’s even more disappointing is the top leaders in American business are saying they fear for their jobs. Without leaders and stable companies, you don’t have jobs.

75% of surveyed CEOs are saying they believe they could lose their job this year. The main reasons are pandemic problems, the growth of AI, and issues with the supply chain they think could put their position in jeopardy.

The survey done by Alix Partners showed COVID wasn’t even the main concern people have; they are worried because so many industries are becoming obsolete, due to technology.

They are also worried because they know nobody is steering this ship of state. As we saw in 2021, the supply chain is very fragile. When you don’t have adults in charge, it doesn’t take much for everything to come crashing to a halt.

We’re in big trouble if something doesn’t change soon. Under President Trump, we saw the economy really start turning around.

Under Biden, it’s all about handing out COVID checks, creating a few jobs at fast-food restaurants, and calling it a day. This isn’t nearly good enough.