Biden’s DHS Chief Knew Truth, But Still Decried Border Guards’ ‘Racism’

(Video footage snapshot)

Newly revealed emails show woke Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas was well-aware a year ago that border agents didn’t “whip” illegal immigrant invaders at the southern border.

Yet, he went to the American public and decried the officers’ “racism” anyway.

The No-Whipping ‘Whipping’ Photos

Photos and video footage taken by a news photographer at the US-Mexican border last September showed horse-mounted border agents trying to detain illegal immigrants from Haiti invading the United States.

The images made it seem as though law enforcement officers were using their reins as whips against the migrants.

Even though the photographer who took the border clash photos tried to explain publicly that he hadn’t witnessed any whippings or beatings of the invaders, his voice was immediately drowned by the “social justice warrior” rage.

(News video snapshot)

‘The Worst Elements in America’

Using the Freedom of Information Act, the Heritage Foundation, a conservative nonprofit in Washington, DC, obtained emails from the Department of Homeland Security.

These emails show its head, Alejandro Majorkas, was informed there was no “whipping” in the border guard photos; yet, he went out in public and started complaining about the alleged whipping anyway.

Hours before his public comments on the case, Mayorkas got an email telling him what the photographer had seen and said, that the photos were getting “misrepresented.”

That didn’t matter to Biden’s woke DHS chief, who declared publicly that captured moments showed “the worst elements” in America’s “ongoing battle” with “systemic racism.”

The revealing email message is from September 24, 2021. It came in Mayorkas’ mailbox from his assistant secretary of public affairs, Marsha Espinosa, The Daily Mail reported.

Espinosa made it clear the photographer had not witnessed any signs of “whipping” of the illegal immigrants. The DHS secretary’s first public comments came after President Joe “No Borders” Biden already said the border agents would be punished.

Yet, he was dead wrong because an internal investigation found nobody was whipped, even if the investigation claimed there was excessive language and excessive force.

Biden stated at the time “those people will pay” and “there will be consequences.” Although it wasn’t clear whether he was speaking “genuinely” while being of sound mind or whether that was just one of his incessant senility-driven senior moments.

A day earlier, photographer Paul Ratje, who took the border photos, told KTSM he hadn’t seen the border agents “whip anyone.” He added the swinging horse reins could be “misconstrued” when looking at the photos.

Espinosa brought that exact article to Mayorkas’ attention two hours before he went to the White House briefing room. During that appearance, he said terrible things about the United States, bemoaning “horrifying images” of “racism.”

The 500-page report of the investigation published in July 2022 and concluded the border agents engaged in unsafe and unnecessary behavior, but not acts of racist violence.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.