Biden’s Building a Wall…Around His House

Joe Biden has been worse for this country than any president in modern history. The way he’s abandoned his duties and let this country down is treasonous.

Nowhere is that more true than on our southern border; Biden is allowing an actual invasion to take place via hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and criminals from all over the world.

We don’t even know who these people are, whether they have COVID, or where they go once they’re inside the United States. Over 1.7 million illegals have entered the US so far this year.

President Trump had a plan, he was building a wall. Biden stopped that and virtue signaled instead; now we’re being invaded. However, finally Biden has apparently seen the light and he’s building a wall.

Biden’s Wall

Biden decided instead of listening to legislators and the American people who are demanding a wall on the border, he’ll build one around his Delaware beach house. Perhaps he doesn’t want people disturbing his naps.

The home will be federally-funded by the Department of Homeland Security and subcontracted to the Secret Service. It is worth $456,548 paid out to a construction company to build a high fence around Biden’s Rehoboth beach home in Delaware.

Just so you have this clear: you will not have your nation’s borders protected. Yet, half a million dollars of your tax money will be going to pay for Sleepy Joe to have a nice strong wall around his home.

Every day, this country slides further into becoming a bigger joke and the whole world is laughing at us. Our senile and treasonous president won’t even protect our border, but he’s going to build a nice high wall around his home? It’s absolutely incredible.

Border Wall? No. Beach House Wall? Yes.

Biden stopped Trump’s wall on day one in office. It’s now left stranded in the wind while illegals pour across. Meanwhile, Biden and the DHS are giving more money to modernize our border crossings.

Illegal aliens (and the criminal rapists and drug dealers who get them across) don’t use border crossings. They come across at secret points where they find holes in border protection.

For God’s sake, Texas Governor Greg Abbott even warned about cartels firing their guns at the Texas National Guard trying to protect the border. This is a war, not a chance to modernize the border.

We need a giant wall all the way across, but Biden doesn’t care. He just wants to make sure his beach house in Delaware is nice and safe. This guy is a traitor.

The Bottom Line

Biden is a traitorous joke. He doesn’t deserve a wall around his beach home. There’s a much better option, actually.

Let’s take 100 randomly selected illegal immigrants who’ve come over the Texas border and offer them free accommodations in Delaware at Joe Biden’s residence. Welcome home, folks.